MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 35

MADE INC SURPASSING CERTAINTY: WHAT MY TWENTIES TAUGHT ME BY JANET MOCK Author: African-American writer, TV host, and transgender rights activist know for her narrative and subjective style Plot: A portrait of a young woman searching for her purpose and place in the world without role models and mentors to guide her. Reader: Seeking self-help insights with engaging 7F'FVƖrDRtU"b%$R%DBWF#g&6W&6'W6W76fW7F"FVWf6W'6ƗG7VW"BWF"&W7BЦv2FRfVFW"bFPW&&6FrƖReT%RCrFf"FpFFR67&RW7FR@G&VFB6RvF&Vp'&R&FW"FRBFFRF&VFW#Vr&fW766VVr6VbֆVvFখ7&Ff"FRvR63P