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MADE INC #GoodReads IN 2018 THIS IS HOW YOU LOSE HER BY JUNOT DIAZ Author: Pulitzer Prize-winning, American-Dominican writer known for his direct writing style that interweaves English and Spanish languages. MADE BY ASHLEI WILLIAMS While the winter holidays are a time of celebration and reconnection for many, it is also an ideal time for investment in yourself. Whether it’s self-help or fiction that piques your interest, reading is a great way to escape reality and hone in on preparing your mind for the new year. Plot: Multiple characters are followed through their journeys of love and loss, ultimately showcasing the theme of the inevitable weakness of the human heart. MADE has compiled a list of 12 books that you can enjoy as you prepare for and make it through 2018. The list features an array of authors and titles, as it is specifically curated for the culturally diverse, professionally creative millennial. Reader: Seeking a humorous yet realistic reflection on the nuances of romance. OPTION B BY SHERYL SANDBERG & ADAM GRANT Authors: Sandberg THE BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLE: A MEMOIR BY TA-NEHISI COATES is an American technology executive, activist, and author best-known as chief operating officer of Facebook and founder of Grant is a young professor and author respected for his work in psychology, specifically organization and management. Plot: How-to based on real life events and research, centered on helping others in crisis in order to create resilient families, communities and workplaces. Reader: Seeking self-help insights that are applicable to personal and professional life. Author: African- American author, journalist, comic book writer and educator known for his take on cultural, social and political issues. Plot: Through the lens of intersecting generations, two characters play out the journey to becoming men in black America and beyond. Reader: Loves modern coming-of-age narratives that address the complex factor of race and gender. | 33