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MADE INC if the rate is slightly lower than usual. 4. How should someone overcome objections in the negotiation process? SA: Hold it together. Make use of the pregnant pause. Have a list of things that that support your stance. Be prepared to show the value of every item on the list because this is your business case. 5. Should you always be willing to walk away if you don’t get what you’re asking for? SA: Yes, do not look back. You should know upfront what you are willing to compromise. Be prepared to walk away as soon as you come to the table to negotiate, but also be prepared to get what you want. 3 Major Keys of Negotiation If you really want to close the deal in your favor, check out these 4 tips that will help you negotiate with anyone… Walk In With Confidence. Confidence is key to successful negotiations. According to a study published in the Journal of Applied Sciences, the first five minutes can predict the negotiated outcome. The study states that the first minutes are important because the other party is evalu- ating you most intensely during this time. They are “sizing you up” and trying to figure out if you actually mean what you say or if you’re merely trying to get more than what you know you’re worth. Change Your Approach. Negotiating skills involves two parties work- ing to resolve a problem.Enter a negotiation with a business partners approach and an end goal to do what’s best for both sides. That way everyone wins. (Win-win negotiators have the most success.) Do Your Research. Before stepping into any negotiation process, make sure you thoroughly do your research. If you want to influence someone, it’s best to provide as much data as possible. Also, planning what strat- egies or tactics to deploy for reaching your objectives not only boost your confidence but it will help increase your chances of walking away with what you asked for. Also, if you really want to successfully close the deal, make the first offer. Not only will you appear as a confident individual, but you’ll anchor the negotiation in your favor. Get Ready To Work. Once you’ve receive the green light on what you wanted, it’s time to deliver. When discussing negotiating in an interview with Inc., JJ Ramberg said: “The best way to impress a new client is to over-deliver. So, what you should do in your negotiation, is keep some- thing in your back pocket that you don’t bring up during the negotia- tion. That way, when it came time to re-negotiate, the client thought, ‘Wow! These people over-delivered. They gave me much more than I expected. This is a good company to work with.’” Queens Brunch is a pop-up brunch community for women of color in business. Using design thinking techniques, Queens Brunch is curated with love by Shayna Atkins. To keep in touch with Queens go to | 31