MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 3

PUBLISHER LETTER When I turned 30, a shockwave came over me because (like other 30 year olds) my success alarm clock was ringing and I panicked because I thought time was running out. What I envisioned “30” to be was not what 30 actually was. I desperately wanted to speed up the process to receiving the spiritual connection, family aspirations, financial stability and career goals that I had promised myself and others since I was a child. In reflection, I was not taking into consideration that in order to receive what I wanted, I had to give up my all to get it: my time, my energy and my resources... particularly when it wasn’t convenient for me. To accomplish what you want in life, you have to make deposits into your personal growth and the development of your ideas. Although you won’t see immediate results, those deposits will begin to yield a return in the long haul. What I’ve found is that achievement of any kind takes a substantial amount of sacrifice and consistent effort. It is not just about vision boards, journals and calendars. It’s about strategy meetings, actively goal- chasing and building connections to breathe life into your desires. In 2018, lean into your dreams. No one can promise that our dreams will all come true by 30 but I do know that they will come to fruition with vision and action. As Nelson Mandela so beautifully stated, “Action without vision is only passing time, vision without action is merely day dreaming, but vision and action can change the world.” I hope you enjoy our last issue of 2017 “The Blueprint,” a guide to personal, social and career progression in 2018 for those with a MADE mindset. This issue is not strictly for the millennial generation - its MADE for anyone with a winner’s mentality, go-getter spirit and hustle unheard of. Happy New You. Kris Cheers, IN 2018 , LEAN INTO YOUR DREAMS. | 3