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SELF-CARE IS THE MAINTENANCE OF YOUR MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH AND OVERALL HAPPINESS AND GRATITUDE OF LIFE.” AL: I tend to take Sundays off. Sundays are my ‘for me’ day. I say no when I don’t feel right about stuff. I got over that habit of saying yes all the time and thinking that you should say yes or that people are asking of your time and I don’t always just give it because my time is my most valu- able asset. So, I have to keep it precious. Even today, someone wants something of me earlier in the day. And I was trying to figure it out like maybe I could juggle this or that but then I won’t have time to do the things that are very important to me and I just kept saying you’re going to regret it more than appreciate it. running or squats and that helps me carve out a portion of my day to just take care of myself because I want to complete the challenge. So I’ll do 30 squats for 30 days. I have to have at least 10 minutes of my day, just for me and the betterment of myself. I have a wind down hour. I tend to be a night owl, but I’ll have a lot of time to just go wind down and I find that that’s the time a lot of ideas will just come to me. It’s my time to relax and just think about my day and think about a plan for my day tomorrow. A plan for my week. I’m looking at my calendar within that time and space, ideas just flow me and I think that’s because I’m in a very relaxed state. I constantly do physical challenges like TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF IF YOU’RE AWARE THAT YOU NEED TO MAKE YOURSELF A PRIORITY IN 2018, TRY THESE TIPS FROM ANDREA LEWIS… “FIND WHAT SUITS YOU. When it comes to self-care everyone will give you different tips and advice. Some people will say I meditate, I do yoga, etc. Find what makes sense for your schedule. I have a daily affirmation book and it’s very easy for me to wake up and read that. I have friends that I’ve suggested that to and it’s very diffi- cult for them to do. Find what makes sense for you.” “DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE that you don’t have to sleep. You have to. You should sleep. Self-care and sleep go hand in hand.” “BE KIND TO YOURSELF. When you’re having a moment that you do not like what you’re doing or you’re upset or you’re down, for every negative thing you say, say something positive after it to balance it out and get your mind set back in the right place. Also, in that moment after disappointment, recognize that that’s the time that you’re supposed to react the fastest. That’s when you’re supposed to move the quickest. Go and do something immediately after disappointment even if it has nothing to do with your work. Even if it’s just taking a walk, doing some kind of ex- ercise, sending an email or calling someone—something to get you out of that funk right away and it will keep you in the positive space.” Keep up with Andrea Lewis at and follow her @ andrealewis. | 16