MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 13

MADE TO LEAD 5. SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE DON’T LET PERFECTION STOP THEM. There will never be the perfect time to do something amazing. Successful people understand this and don’t use their perfectionism as a substitute for procras- tination. Gretchen Rubin, the Happiness Project author, expressed her quote in the imperative: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Hers was a direct way of putting it, forcing us to stop and think about our actions. But, what about you? How can you put the principle into practice in your daily experience? Here are some options: Business Idea: Instead of waiting until you have a complete airtight business plan, simply start your business. Software: Instead of ironing out every last bug, release your beta. Products: Instead of adding every conceivable improvement and feature, ship your product. Re- lease improvements later. Health: Instead of finding the right gym, selecting the right outfit and pick- ing the right workout, just go for a walk. Website: Instead of find- ing the best server, CMS, theme, appearance and fo \]H[[œYH\[\[[˂[XZ[[XYوZ[˜ܙX]HH[ ]ܚ][[ܘ[[X]X[H[\XBXH[XZ[ \]BY\YH][X¸'[ PTѕSSHPHSUӸ&UTHSQHSS‘UTSӑKۙHوHX[H؛[\]HY[وX[YYXH\˜ܙX]Y\HYXH]X\ٝ[[H[\ܛH܈B[\Z[Y[و\ˈ\HY]KHٝ[ܙ]X]B[[[و[YH\H[\[[ۙH]Z\ܘY [BۙH\\[ Y][X[XX^H܈HBYZܙ\[\X[H[[ۙKˈPTѕSSHSRSSTSTшHSUUPKH]HH[]H[[[و[YHۂX\\x&\[H[Y[™H\YH\KX\ٝ[[H[\[\[\H]\›[]][ۈ[][^HH\ BY܈]X[\Y \X\H[\[\[\\[ۈو[\[][ž[HY]H^K[^B][x&YYܙ]]\[YKZHBو[HY[ PTѕSSHԒTTSUTSӑHTSSK^H[\ۘHYH] 8'\H[[^\HY[ۙBۙ\\\X\\[[ܙH\XH[[K][x&[]\H]ܚY 'HYYHX^HY]\\[\BX]Kx&]H]\YXYH[XX[YXH[^BYKKPTѕSSHSQUHUUHTHRTӈTQӋH[X\ٝ[وZ\Y[۸&]8'ZH^\ٙ'H^x&\Bۜ\[HYX]Y]\[XX\XوZ\YHZ[B[۸&]X]HZ\]\\[KL PTѕSSBSPPHӔPUBԒUPTK؛HZ\Z[ܛۋ] [XYق][Y[]H[[[YYX][H\Z\[HY]]H[[ۜ˜\8'][8'HX\ٝ[[HۜY\B\K\[YYHܙ[\B[Hܛˈ^[YB[x&\Hۙ۝Y]Y]]]KYܙYH[[[H܈] ][\][B\\H[\ܚ]X^\XYK[XY^[KHL