MADE Magazine #MADEBlueprint - Page 11

MADE TO LEAD down if that’s easier. • • • • • decorate on the outside (of course I’m thinking glitter, gold and some diamonds perhaps. Lol) and on the inside I get to put all my goals and dreams. The Vision Box took the Vision Board concept up a notch to include tangible items reflecting one’s intentions that can be added and removed from the box. How fun is that! I know what you’re think- ing…I WANT TO DO A VISION BOX! Of course you do. Follow the super simple steps below and get started: WHAT YOU WILL NEED: • A box (either decorated or plain. I like to Martha Stewart my life away so I purchased a plain one) • Fun things to decorate the outside of the box - Honestly, I hit up Dollar Tree and Target’s “cheap section” to purchase all my little fun decorations. • Magazines or Pinterest and print affirmations. You can also write them home and have a clear mind to visualize my goals. Be careful not to focus on the thought of them not being here yet as this will create the opposite effect and “lack” vibration towards the universe. Scissors Glue Glitter Pictures Items that inspire you STEP 1: DESIGN THE BOX This is my favorite part because I’m able to get creative. I use objects, colors and all elements. I love to decorate and I even add words that describe me. STEP 2: FILL IT WITH GOALS AND DREAMS I use my maga- zines to cut out words and pictures that caught my eye. I also bought some play money and put Iit in there as well as a diamond ring, a Range Rover and some bible verses to get me through the tough days that I might need a little extra en- couragement. Be very specific about what you want. The universe has a funny way of listening. The cool thing about the Vision Box is you can take things out that no longer reflect you or put things in that you may want. STEP 3: REVIEW & MANIFEST Review your box at least once a week. I love to do Sundays after I sage my TADAAAA! You are now one step closer to an amazing year full of manifestation, happiness and success. Studio G will be hosting our own (and SUPER FUN) Vision Box & Goal Setting Party. Everything will be included, all you need to bring is your- self and an open mind. V I S I T S T U D IO G C H IC A G O . C O M T O L E AR N MOR E . | 11