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MADE INC N E G O T I AT E L I K E A BOSS MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE As creative entrepreneurs, sometimes we feel the pressure to “take what we can get” to pay our bills, but we have to stop selling ourselves short. You’re worthy of what you want and now is the time to ask for exactly what you desire. To ensure that 2018 is the year you get exactly what you deserve, we’ve enlisted Shayna Atkins—founder of Queens Brunch, a community of women in business and Atkco. Inc, a Lean-Agile product management and coaching company. “Since people aren’t given what they want voluntarily, they feel like they might not deserve it,” says Atkins. We’re here to put an end to that mindset as we tackle commonly asked questions on negotiation and provide insight on how to close the deal with what you want. 1. How should someone assess their worth? SA: Make sure you have the latest and greatest toolkit which includes hard and soft skills. At our brunch events, we dis- cuss the importance of mak- ing friends. That is primarily because the first step is to get a gauge of what your peers are getting. You need to know what person with the same skills and years of experience, who is taking on similar responsibility, is getting in terms of pay, hourly rates and contract terms. bake editing time in their hourly rate. 3. What information 2. What tools/resources should they use to access our worth? should one have before negotiating? SA: When going into the negotiation process, you should know the market rate for what they are negotiating for, a sense of all the areas they want to talk about and an idea for trade-offs. For example, you may ask for a monthly subscription or retainer of services upfront SA: Pay calculators specific to where you live. Your per- sonal network or local indus- try communities will help you really understand how pricing works in your industry—i.e. how much writers might get paid for a published piece or how photographers may | 30