MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 9

MADEXXXX 1 0 House music – spanning techno, deep house and tribal – has been a staple of South African dance floors over the decades. Taking cues from other genres of music, it has continued to evolve while producing globally acclaimed DJs. I C O N I C House Hits Over the Years MADE BY TIGER MAREMELA THESE ARE SOME OF THE TOP HOUSE TRACKS PRODUCED BY SOUTH AFRICAN MUSICIANS IN THE LAST DECADE and sparsley laid out hi-hats and cymbals. DJ Fresh vs Kellex featuring Thabiso – “Stay Real” One of the country’s most prolific radio and club DJs, Fresh released this self-help classic in 2007. Taken off the Definition of House series, the song went on to become a nostalgia-inducing summer classic. Kentphonik – “Sunday Showers” Kentphonik, made up of djs Kent and Euphonik, samples DJ Sai and Ribatone’s track of the same name with lyrics by Ntsiki Mazwai. The song splits between xylophone raps and a climatic piano solo. Culoe de Song – “Webaba” Even though he has been mentored by Black Coffee, Culoe de Song has continued to carve a very distinct path for himself, experimenting with deep and tribal house which are epitomized by slowed down tempos, spiritually dense drum sets and dispersed chanting. DJ Prie Nkosazana – “Washa Gqom” Black Coffee – “Wathula Nje” Black Coffee is known for fusing different genres to create masterpieces. Wathula Nje, featuring the late Victor Ntoni, mashes house and jazz together and results in sensual bass lines and piano Y˂[H8$8'^H[YH\'B]\XH\\H][K[x&\Y[Z[\]X&\BX[&\[8$8'\XZ\HB]YY[\[HYHB[Hܜx'H KH[Z[[Bܛ^XHH\˂ۙHوH]Y[Xۚ^Y[B]YX[[H]\X[KYB[[\[H]\X&\[XX[[\\[ؘ[]\H]\X&\X]H\[˂[X[H8$8'YXx'B[X[H\[XZ[Y[\[H[][YHXY\[[ L[X\YYXBX[]\[H[U[JB[\8$8'[Z^X['B[X\Y[ LK[Z^X[\H\[BٙوۈYH H\[]]H[Z^\”^Hؚۙ\X[[[‘Yx&\][B[Z^X[YY[H[\\[Y[[\[^\˂X[[ۈ8$8'^Hۙ'Bۛۈ܈Z\[HX]HX]H[&\ۙX\Y\[[\X[[]\˜[H[Y܈XYH\][ۋXH8$8'][H'B[X\Y[ H]ܚXKX\Y[&\\B\XX[YHH\Hو]YX[[\[\\HX]\HوHۙ&\\]]]H\X›XYK[XY^[KH