MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 51

MADEINC TOP THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN BUILDING A BEAUTY BRAND WITH CASSIDY Cassidy Black- well, Director of Brand Engagement at Walker & Co. Brands. BLACKWELL MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE Branding plays a huge role in the success of a business. When it comes to exceptional branding—from the packaging to the experience—Walker & Co. Brands deliver Bevel and FORM with excellence. MADE caught up with Cassidy Blackwell, the Director of Brand Engagement at Walker & Co. Brands to learn about how she’s killin’ it in her role and why branding should always be a priority… All Photos courtesy of Walker & Company. very nebulous and then I met this guy, Tristan Walker. MADE: Why is branding so crucial for a company? THE CONVERSATION WENT SOMETHING LIKE THIS: Cassidy: Well first and foremost, you have to create an identity around something that people can feel a connection to. It really takes [different] levels of branding that are super important from the design of bottles, to the words that you use, the imagery you use, to the models that you use. It’s all about explaining a point and an entity that a larger community can connect with and that larger community is a very tightly defined community. And I think without that, you’re not really going to have that ability for people to emotionally connect. I think that, in today’s day and age, there’s so many product offerings on the marketplace, branding is essential for differentiating in a crowded space. TRISTAN: Would you ever consider coming to my company—Walker & Co. and doing that [hair service] with us? MADE: Can you tell me a little bit about your journey with Walker & Co. Brands and what your role entails? Cassidy: I came to Walker & Co. over three years ago. It was a funny story because I had been a hair blogger for several years. I started my blog in 2009 and I really fell in love with haircare. I was in policy before, but I kind of had an idea a &WBFr"6W'f6RBv0454EFN( 2&VǒFW&W7Fr66WB6vC7W&RE$5D6'WBW&^( 2FR6F6v^( &R@&VGF7F'BFr"VFRWBvBvP&VǒVVB2VvF2W"V( 2w&֖p77FV454E6N( 26֖"BvVBfPFV&&WBFRV( 2w&֖r76RE$5D'WBN( 27GVǒFR7W7FW 6W'f6R6FR454EF( BFFBE$5DV6RvR&VǒVVBF@7W'Bf"ƖRbF2&֗6RN( 2ǐbF2BFVvR6G&6FRFFr6WFrV6R454ERrvN( fFRvR6S