MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 46

MADEXXXX MADEINC your full commitment. So, we only like to do things we’re excited about. That’s why we like to create our own opportunities. We like to create projects from the ground up. Rome: As we get busier, time is very important to us. The ROI on whatever we do has to really make sense because we don’t want to waste time at this point. We have a lot of projects that we want to get done, so we have to choose wisely. MADE: It’s very clear that consistency has played a role in Dormtainment’s success. What entrepreneurial traits have you discovered that help keep you guys focused and productive on your day-to-day schedule? day. We would just meet here and there and then shoot the videos. And we were doing videos every Sunday, but once we had the formula of meeting at 10am and treating it like a business, that’s when our discipline really locked in. Because we were able to meet every day and get stuff right for the week and it wasn’t sporadic as much anymore. Cameron: I think two things that helped us to be disciplined is that in 2012 we all quit our jobs and decided to do this full time. And then in 2013, we moved to LA and it’s too expensive out here to play around, so we had to get disciplined. MADE: Very true! Throughout your journey as Amanuel: It’s just working hard and if this is what you do, then this is what you do. I think what the guys said earlier about looking out for the brand and doing things for our brand and fanbase, more than that, we all came together and decided to be creative. Beyond anything, that \]X]\H[ HܙX]]Kœ]HZ[HۈY[ۙH[x&\XK]YB]Y\YH[H][&][][H[H[[H\H\]ܜقYYKH[Y]ܙX]]]KB[XZH]]\H[H[ݘ]ܜ˂]H[وH^KX]\X[BY[[H]]܈]^HوHYZ]\˜[Y\H[[]X\HX][\]B[[]X[[HYHHܛ]x%\H۝[\H[H]ܙX][BܞH܈][HH]]8&\[\\[’\H[HۛX[[\]YY[H]8&\][[O[[HXX[H[XX[HY][]܈[[B[HY][^x&]H]\Y[YܙB[H^Y\[]]ۜو[\[\[”YNH[^Z[[ݙH]H\^H\˜HY\X]\HH[]HX\[HYHۙ[YHYˈ] [H]H[[ݙB]H\]HZH\[]\B^K[H]H[[ݙH]H&\[HY\&\ˈ]X[H\H[\\[ۋPQN[H^\\YHܛ\[[B\HX[H[[ˈ]H[H[^\Y[\\[Y”YN[ H\[[]HX][HZYH\YHܛ\[H\B[[%x&\H[[[ˈ[HۛX۸&]ܘXˈX\Y\ۈ[ KH[YY]\[HYZ]\H[&]HHY[YSHUHӓ•UTx&THQSUTHRSTK'B$ԓQHԑQSܛ]Z[Y[ [x&]HXYYH]X%H[[\[UXH[[YX\YœX[H[HY[X\وHܛ\ ž[H^\Yܛ\HH]X[Y\ێH[^HۙHو\Y\]X\\HH]HZ] ^\܂HXˈۈ\\^K[Hۛ[H]BY\[ˈ[[\Z[Y[ [\™X\[YY [H۸&]ۛ[[x&\H[]]܈[[x&\H[XZH] ][H]H]H][Z]][H[ Y\][]\][Hܝ[]BY\[x&\HXYKH\Y\[›X]\]]ۈ]\X]\H\B\H[H\[ۜ[]8&\YB[[\[ ]\XX[H[HܙX]]HXB[[\Z[Y[X]\H\\HۛHY[\H[H\۸&]ۛˈ]8&\ZHZ[˜H܈\H[HYYX[[[[HXYHH܋[[\Z[Y[K[H۸&]ۛˈ[x&\H\][YZ[Z[[ۜو[H[H[YH[[YH[ [YHX[K]8&\X][\X[]BHY\\[[Z[Y[[HY[Z[\]X[Hۙ[\Y\[ݚ[™ܝ\ [[H[\Y]]H[ [X[Y[]\[Y [Hۛ]HZB\\H]ˈۙ\Kx&\HZHZ[˂]\[ۙH\HZHH\HوZ[X]\BXYK[XY^[KH