MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 44

MADEINC dormtainment D E C O D E D : Breaks Down the Keys to Their Comedic Success There’s no shortage of hilarious content online, but when it comes to curators of comedy who have been consistently killing it in the digital space—Dormtainment is a force to be reckoned with. For nearly a decade, Cameron Miller, Amanuel Richards, Rome Green Jr, Chaz Miller and Mike Damn have produced a plethora of videos on YouTube and have continued to grind as they move closer to their biggest dreams. Recently, the group debuted their show, Black Geo, on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network, which serves as more proof that the group is certainly on the rise. In this interview with MADE, Dormtainment candidly discusses their evolution as a group and more… (l to r) Rome Green Jr., Amanuel Richards, Mike Damn, Chaz Miller and Cameron Miller MADE BY ASHLEY WHITE somebody is eating somebody’s food—anything that happens that we can take from a real-life situation and just enhance it and put our own spin on it. That’s usually where our comedy comes from most of the time. It’s just different stories that we have Cameron: Well first, I‘ll say we’re funny. One of the biggest and we try to clip it and make it advantages we have is that we’re funny. It’s just organic.. a group. So, we filter out every MADE: How do you guys idea and punch it up to the keep churning out light-hearted best of its ability and we have content in a such a serious different viewpoints. We’re all different. We come with different climate? angles too for a joke. I think Mike: We just always try to us being in this group dynamic stay on top of what’s going on helps us out a lot. and getting through that we find real emotions that help us MADE: How would you make skits. Like with “Fuck Boy describe your creative process? Walk”—that came out of Amber Rose’s Slut Walk and it’s just our Rome I would say it’s really idea of what a version of that organic. We make sure we try is. I feel like we can pu Ё)ѼٔQӊéݡɔݔ)ͥ́ѽ͕ɥ́ѽ)ЁЁȁͭ́ɽ)]ѡȁӊéаݡѡȁݥѥ)ݥѠͽѡ)ӊéͽѡ͔ݡɔ)5QɔɔЁ)ѥЁ)ѕЁѡ͔́ͽ)]Ё́ɵхӊe)ѥѥٔمхݡ)eЁЁ)饹()Օ=ѡ$ݽձ)ͅ䁱ݥѠIɕ)ՍݡЁѡ́ɔ)ͅ她ȁѥٕٔ́)хиQӊéЁх)䁅ɽ)ɕЁ̸M)٥ɕЁѥٕ)́́Ѽչ)ѡȁݥѠɕՙ)ԁ܁܁ݥѠ)ѡͅ䁥ӊéѡͅݸи)=ѡͥѡeɔɕ䁵)ȁѡeɔݸЁѡݽɱ)ȁͽѡЁѡ͕ٕ)ѡѡЁи])ѡͅЁݗeɔɅ)ͥ䁅չ丁eԁܰݗeɔ)Ёͥ䁝́ݡ)ٕͥՅѥ хѱ)ȁ́ɔѥɽ)ȁɕЁѥ̸ٕ)=٥ͱ䰁Ѽٔ)Ս䁱屔ѼՅ)չхѡՍ䁱屔)IMȁ͕$e)ٕȁٔՍ䁱屔