MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 40

MADEXXXX MADEINC waste time or energy feeling bad about it—just take that energy and pour it into being a better friend. I think it’s also understanding that as you side hustle you will have less time for your friends and your real friends will understand that and they’ll be cheering you on. My best friend is a doctor and we actually didn’t see each other for a couple of years because we were both busy. I was in business school, she was in med school and we were just both on the grind, but we both understood that love was there. We didn’t have to see each other every day to know that we’re best friends or that we’ll be there for each other no matter what.” SELF-CARE IS KEY “I always try to make Sundays a self-care day. It’s hard because Sundays are also when you have to prepare for the week, especially if you’re trying to be healthy and trying to meal prep. But, I try to take that day and have a slower pace through journaling, drinking my tea and lighting my candles. Those are the ways I incorporate self-care into my day. I love lighting candles when I come home from work and just setting that peaceful atmosphere.” “One of the things I got from another guest on Side Hustle Pro, Latham Thomas— she’s a well-known self-care queen—is that people say ‘Self-Care Saturday’ like it has to be one day or that it’s a major thing, but really it’s the small things. That’s what I try to do. Self-care is being intentional about sitting down for a cup of tea and being quiet and still for 10 minutes—that’s self-care. Those are the things I do almost every day. Even when I’m at work and I’m feeling stressed, I go get a cup of tea and just the very act of making it slows me down. The act of drinki )Ёͱ́ݸ͔ԁٔѼͱ܁ݸѼɥͽѡи%)ѽѥɕ͕́t(́MQIQ%LQ<)U1M%!UMQ1]%Q U10Q%5)=)Mԁٔձѥͥѱ9=ѕ́́܁ѼѠ(ĸq-9=\e=UH]!d%Ёͽչ́ɅаЁӊéɕ䁥хЁѼ܁ݡ׊eɔ)ѡ̸%́ЁѼɄ͠%́ЁѼեȁѕɴͥ%́ЁѼѕ)Ё܁ͭ]ԁɕ䁥ѥȁ͔ȁͽѡЁɕ䁡)ɥѡ́׊eɔɅѕԁɕ䁑eЁЁȁݡ׊eɔѥɕ)ѕȁݽɬ]ɥєݸȁݡ䁅ݡ׊eɔѼЁЁɕ͕)ݡѡ́́хЁѼ԰ѡЁݥٔԁѡЁɄɝԁѼt(ȸq9II=\e=UH=1L=]8Q́́ͼхи9ɽ܁ȁ́ݸѼ)ɕ䁵ɅѥͼѡЁ׊eɔЁ՝ѽѡ́ѡЁɕeЁхи)%ѥѡѡɕЁхЁѡ́ԁѼѼٔѡȁͤ)́ȁͥѱѡЀ́չѡиQЁݥͼ)՝ѡѡ́ԁ݅ЁѼѡЀ̻t(̸q%׊eɔѼՕȰɔԁIe=UH =5A9geL5A1=e!9) ==,ѡЁ׊eɔݥѠȁé̸$єѼ͕ͥ)ѱѡѡȁȁ́٥ՔݥѠи5ɔ׊eɔ)ѡɔ͔ԁeЁ݅ЁѼ݅䁅ѕȁ׊eٔɥͼՍȴ)䁥ѼȁͥѱٔѼЁЁݽɬt)܁9=QݥѕȀЁͥѱɼȁ٥ͥ)ͥѱɼȁɔȁѕȁѥA)饹(