MADE Magazine Global Impact Issue - Page 11

MADEXXXX Photo Credit: Derek Blanks. to make it or die. And I am true believer that whatever you put out into the universe, you’ll truly get it back. MADE: What made you decide to pursue music as opposed to building a career in business or education since you have an educational background in those fields? DB: I only went to school because my mother begged me to go. And she was 100% for me getting into music but she just wanted me to have something else to fall back on. For example, when I was in grade school, she would put away money for me participate in talent shows. So, when she asked me to do this one thing, go to college, I knew I had to. MADE: What most people don’t know about you is that not only do you have a degree in business but you were also the president of your college’s student government association. How does that experience translate into your career now? DB: College was one of the best experiences of my life. Even though my sole motivation for going was because of my mother’s request, those four years ended up informing a lot of the business decisions I make to this day. My time spent public speaking in college led to lecturing in universities around the country. Men would bring their wives to my events...I want you to think about that for a second. Men at the head of their household would encourage the most important wom- an in their life to listen to another man speak. That’s huge, and I acknowledge that none of that would’ve been possible without my time in college. MADE: After 7 years since your last album, how different would you say the tone of is as compared to 2010’s Death of a Pop Star? DB: I went through separation anxiety with The God Box and pushed it back a full year and a half later than the original release date due to this very issue. I was in a completely different h 䁵ͥ)饹(