MADE Legends Edition - Page 9

MADE LIFE YA RA S H A H I D I Actress 03. PHOTO CREDIT: Curls Understood R ated by Time Magazine as one of the most influential teens of 2016, Yara Shahidi is the Iranian-American actress mostly known for her role as Zoey in the TV sitcom Black-ish. Yara, only sixteen, is true a testimony that Gen Z is definitely “woke” in that her glow up is one meant to inspire others to act on their ambitions and dreams. Shahidi has given speeches at the White House and TED Talks in reference to the signfiicance of cultural appropriation and how this is reflected in the acting world. This year the mini-activist for women’s equality and racial equality Shahidi also inked a modeling contract via New York’s Women Management modeling agency, in hopes of providing a platform to see more women of color in diverse roles. If Shahidi is any indication of Gen Z’s mentality, we must admit it’s going to be “lit” as the kids say. 04. C PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images. D O N A L D G LOV E R Actor / Rapper oming in on the high of his recent casting as Young Lando in the upcoming Star Wars flick, Donald Glover has hit a phenomenal peak from transitioning in a variety of creative trades. Although Glover is said not to be a new face on the block of Hollywood Boulevard, this year has been a lightning bolt of success. Other than the new roles rolling in (no pun intended), Glover has hit the gold mine with his own hit show Atlanta. What really takes the cake is that Glover was hired on an all-black writing team to produce relative and representational dialogue which then landed the show yet another season within the airing of just the second episode. | 9