MADE Legends Edition - Page 8

MADE LIFE T O P TEN Rising Stars of Hollywood MADE By Xuxa Day There is a new wave of stars trending in music, movies and online. We conducted some research on new faces who have captured our attention. Get to know why these talented ten sensations should stay in your sight. PHOTO CREDIT: Maxim A JA N AO M I K I N G Actress T he Los Angeles native has made herself a familiar face within the comfort of our own homes, honing in the role as Michaela Pratt for hit series, How to Get Away with Murder. Other than the fact that the star is working with one of the biggest names in showbiz, Ms. Shonda Rhimes, King resonates a resilience with her career background alone. The actress is not new to the industry but has overcome challenges including a few short runs of previous series. Now that King has found her stride, she’s simply unstoppable. Let her story just go to prove that persistence pays off. Aja starred in the recent remake Birth of a Nation as Cherry. 01.. W hen you Google his name for accolades, a British model pops up. However the name Stephen James, Canadian actor, will be causing a buzz soon enough here in the states. If you didn’t watch his latest role as track and field sprinter Jesse Owens in Race, we are almost positive you have noticed him in quite a few other historical remnant films such as Selma. Other than the big screen, James has grown up from his Degrassi days to take on more conscious and black culture driven roles. We believe one of the things that stands out about James most is his call to action in representation in film. After the Oscars uproar, James creates a refreshing mentality to the cliché facade of red carpets, trailers, and paparazzi. Once again, you’ll remember his name by next year for sure as he has been casted as Treston Perry and highly anticipated TV series, Shots ɕ()饹()MP@ 8))4L()ѽ((ȸ()A!=Q< I%P)Mѕ)((0