MADE Legends Edition - Page 76

M AU R I C E WHITE The British actor, perhaps best known for his turn as the mysterious, dark Professor Snap in the Harry Potter franchise, passed January 14 after a private battle with pancreatic cancer.. He was 69, The award-winning actor had made a name for himself before the Potter series, starring as Hans Gruber in the 1998 Die Hard alongside Bruce Willis. He played the Sheriff of Nottingham three years later in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, for which he received the BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. He would go on to win a Golden Globe, Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award for playing the title character in the 1996 biographical TV film, Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny. Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who considered Rickman to be a close friend and inspiration wrote: “Alan Rickman is undoubtedly one of the greatest actors I will ever work with. ALAN $4ࠥFRV'FvBbf&RfVFW"B&W"FVB26VWfV''V'BgFW &GFƖrvF&6( 2F6V6R66P"Rv2sBFRVFvV&R&@2VVBV6R7V66W72fW"FRFV6FW2&V6Vfr#w&א֖F2bbv6FWfRvrvFW&6W60v&G2B5vRv&BB6VG&W62v&G2FPw&W( 27G&rbG26VFR( 6WFV&W"( ( gFW"FRfR2vR( ЦB( 6r7F"( #FR&Bv2GV7FVBFFR&6@&bfRvFvFR&VrFfGVǒGV7FVBFFP6ww&FW'2bfR#gFW"Ww2bvF^( 2FVF'&RFRw&WGvVWFVC( W"'&FW"W&6RvFR76VBV6VgVǒআ26VWF2&rFRƖvB2R6rRBR( Р7F"&W7Bvf"2&R2'Fw&V6^( 0DFP&W7Bg&VB( Fמ( FR( 2B6F6( 'F( Ф7F&W""FF7FRv2S"f&@d"B76V@B&VV7FƗVBB6VBƖfR7W'Bf"FP&WfW2F&VRF2gFW"WW'6'WGW&VB0&FVDբ&W'FVBFBFRWW'6FWfVV@g&6Ɩ6F2FB&6RgFW"f&B&V6VfVBVP&W6VVB7W&vW'GvvVV2&"F2FVFf&N( 0&W&W6VFFfRW'f2&VV6VBf֖ǒ7FFVV@6f&֖r2FVF( ėB2vFw&VB6FW72FBvPV6RFRVFVǒ76rbW"&VfVB6fFW"'&FW"W6&BBg&VB( FFFF( 'F( f&@V&VBFVWf66w2( Wr&VFW&6fW"( ( FP֖Rf6~( B( FR&W'2( РFRvR6s`