MADE Legends Edition - Page 73

MADE MADE XXXX NOW GLOBAL ISSUES of 2016: C A L L T O AC T I O N The year 2016. Although it’s not quite concluded, the 16th year of the new millennium will certainly stand as one of the most significant in recent memory when it comes to the singular issues and events that dominated both the transient news cycles, and people’s daily lives. From the repeat headlines we saw all too frequently to the even more important stories that somehow didn’t make the editor’s lineups and were found only on social media, what was considered to be newsworthy this year followed the ongoing, historical pattern of being subjective and yet globally impactful as the craft of journalism continues to evolve. MADE By Ronald E. Childs 1.THE OBAMAS. President Barack H. Obama ends arguably the greatest and most accomplished tenure of a chief executive in the White House, in the history of the United States as of the election on November 8th. Though his final official day in office will be January 20th, 2017, Obama leaves behind an indelible imprint on the country, having pushed through an incomparable record of economic, legislative, social, environmental and military successes, bolstered by the work of the most elegant First Lady the nation has ever seen at his side. Michelle Obama championed the causes of military families, and youth nutrition, fitness and health and made it all look seamless with two daughters in tow. The nation’s first African American president, his wife and family spent two scandal-free terms in the house that the sweat and labor of slaves built, and generations of black American youth now have a tangible example that anything they put their minds toward achieving is truly attainable. 2. THE ELECTION. This year marks the most important presidential election ever (to date), with drastically divergent choices that include former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the running to become the first woman in the seat of power after earning the history-making nomination of the Democratic Party, and businessman-developer Donald J. Trump, who has self-funded his very controversial campaign for the White House. While both candidates are rife with apparent character flaws—real and perceived—the choice should be clear as to who between them deserves to succeed the Obamas, and the whole world is watching. Vote: Many paid the ultimate price for our right to do so. 3. THE VOICES OF YOUNG PEOPLE. An ancient Biblical scripture begins, “out of the mouths of babes…hast thou ordained strength...” | 73