MADE Legends Edition - Page 71

MADE MADE XXXX NOW I strongly believe if the American electorate had another alternative they would not have backed Trump after his outrageous comments and actions. But that’s not the hand we’ve been dealt and in this election folks just cannot get behind Hilary. Oprah said it best when she said, “She’s not coming over to your house - you don’t have to like her.” She’s not invited to your day party or your holiday celebrations. We should not be weighing how much we like a candidate when she is up against a racist, disrespectful, gross man. We need to vote for the candidate who is most prepared to be the President of the United States of America. Granted, she is not perfect. I concede to that, but I know she is the best person for the job considering the alternative. My hope is that we get Hillary in the Oval Office. The person who is sweet, caring and fights for her children. We hear so much about a Hillary that is warm, passionate and charming. That’s who I’m voting for. On January 20, 2017 Madam President has a HUGE job waiting for her. She has to mend a divided country, where almost half of it despises you, where a liberal wing of the Democratic party doesn’t trust you and Congress will fight you at every turn. On that 1st day, the United States will need that grandmother to show up and show out, spread love, fight for us, pull this nation together and propel us forward in a way only Hillary Clinton can. SIGNING OFF, JamelF | 71