MADE Legends Edition - Page 70

MADE NOW prepared she is to be President, but I think I failed at persuading him to vote for anyone. I walked away with an important realization. This race is about an entire nation’s dislike for Hillary Clinton. Allow me to break this down: Donald Trump entered this race with no political experience and four bankruptcies. Through the past year we’ve learned that he is a misogynist, showing multiple public displays of disrespect for women, a lack of respect for the disabled and he is completely absent of decency. And yet, he may walk away on November 9th with nearly 40-42% of the vote. A man that has completely turned politics on its head. The candidate that said you can “grab them by the pussy”, the candidate who said Mexicans are rapists and “laziness is a trait in blacks.” Almost half of Americans will exercise their right to vote for this candidate because they do not like Hillary Clinton. Some liberals, even myself, have tried to write this off by saying – his supporters are all racist and maybe “deplorable”, but a majority of those voters simply don’t want Hilary Clinton as their president. If Democrats nominated Bernie Sanders or if Uncle Joe (Biden, for those not following) decided to run, the landslide against Trump would be tremendous! “We should not be weighing how much we like a candidate when she is up against a racist, disrespectful, gross man. We need to vote for the candidate who is most prepared to be President of the United States of America.” | 70