MADE Legends Edition - Page 69

MADE MADE XXXX NOW MADE IN AMERICA with Jamel F In my best Allen Iverson voice, “We talking about EMAILS!” This election season has been exhausting! Between Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault on video, three mentally draining debates that were more like Love and Hip Hop reunions and the media still talking about Hillary Clinton’s emails…I am so ready for November 8th. I told ya’ll last issue that we should Hillary Rock on any block and now I am saying let’s make her Madam President already! Cut the BS. Donald Trump cannot and will not be the president of the nation that elected a black man to the highest office in the land… twice. But there are still Americans choosing to forego their right to vote in this election. I had a debate with a good friend recently who is not voting. He simply does not trust Hillary. From his perspective she is dishonest, shady and he strongly disagrees with her actions against Muammar Gaddafi in Libya. I shared my thoughts on some of her noteworthy accomplishments and how | 69