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MADE INC. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: Summits & Conferences to Attend MADE By Chelsey Sincerray 01.19 - 01.22 | 2017 United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship 2017 Conference Philadelphia, PA The next USASBE Annual Conference is set to take place in Philadelphia during the third week of January 2017 with the theme of “Advancing Entrepreneurship Teaching and Research”, emphasizing the goal of raising the bar in entrepreneurship teaching and revolutionizing entrepreneurship history. 02.09 - 02.11 | 2017 PubWest 2017 Portland, OR PubWest is one summit exclusively for creatives in the writing industry. Through implementation of educational programming and providing direction on new opportunities in publishing, this annual summit delivers new ideas and professional advancement for publishers, writers, and more. 02.24 - 02.25 | 2017 17th Annual SEA Conference Naperville, IL This two-day conference is exclusively targeted towards artists who are focused on career development. Hosted by SelfEmployment in the Arts, this conference will include discussions and workshop sessions by keynote speakers who not only sharing solid takeaways to apply towards the Surround yourself with words of wisdom from leaders of the creative industry. Share and explore ideas and stories around like-minded individuals that will only keep your curiosity growing for more. Here’s some upcoming summits and conferences across the States that should be considered to add towards your creative experience and journey for the year ahead. artist’s journey, but also artists who’s sharing their stories and advice to mentor upcoming creative talent amongst us. Editor’s pick 02.28 - 03.02 | 2017 High Five Conference 2017 Raleigh, NC Hosted by the AMA Triangle, the High Five Conference was created for the creative community of marketers, strategists, and developers to make new ideas come alive. The conference brings all creatives together to encourage the essentials of partnership and collaboration to achieve creative marketing success. 03.03 - 03.04 | 2017 The Makers Summit Greenville, SC The Makers Summit is designed exclusively for creative entrepreneurs who are looking forward to furthering their business. Within the two days of the conference, the creative will become part of hands-on, collaborative workshops, in addition to one-on-one sessions with experts from the creative industry. | 68