MADE Legends Edition - Page 65

MADE INC. MADE: We would love to hear your insight on the power of both projection and rejection as a businesswoman. As an entrepreneur, why are both of these elements important to understand? something, people hold you to it. So if you don’t deliver, people will remember. The moment that you have said you have a business, the moment that you have placed a dollar on an idea - you have taken a risk. I think it is getting comfortable at taking risks. VR: Rejection is natural. You’re not going to do Saying that, “How can I get comfortable with everything right. With rejection you have to be this feeling”. Risks are a part of life. Also, being an entrepreneur one important thing mature about it. You’re going to get no’s right? When you get a no, I’m going to have one little is to know what are healthy and dangerous counter to it. With rejection, you definitely have risks. A risk in the right direction is a healthy to develop a tough skin for it. When you think risk. A risk that will help your business grow is a healthy risk. It’s really about being about it, you’re going to get more no’s than comfortable with the risks that you take. “yes”. I come from a background of pitching, so I know that when you pitch a million times MADE: What are the