MADE Legends Edition - Page 64

MADE MADEXXXX INC. out how to build this business that you have never done before. I trust myself in a whole new different light now. When things don’t do right, I know how to figure it out. The second is that you know you are talented and have a skill, but seldom do we exercise it and put ourselves out there. I always felt that I had certain things that were qualities that stood out, and not until I put myself out there did other people know and notice. The most satisfying is that people trust me. People pay me their hard earned dollars to help them. They trust my opinion. They go out and use it. I give them advice, and then I see them go out into the world and apply it. I could have told them anything. That is so humbling and amazing. PHOTO CREDIT: Derrel Todd MADE: In your opinion, how important are goals for short and long-term success as an entrepreneur? VR: Goals help you see the big picture, and they help you go in a direction even when everything is going crazy. It keeps you on point towards the right direction. In entrepreneurship, things are going to go all over the place but you have the drawing board of what you want to happen next. Regardless of what’s going on, this is where I need to go and need to focus on. It’s important some type of board to keep you on track. MADE: How would you define success? What do you believe is needed to accomplish success? VR: Defining success is super interesting, but it depends on the person. Success to you could be money, just being able to pay your bills (and your mom’s bills), and buying this house or car. Success to me could be career, family, making sure that I’m married to a great partner in life with three kids and that’s it. Success to me is being happy, but also walking in purpose. I think that everybody is placed on earth to be (no matter what you believe in) servants. We’re not placed here just to chill, we’re placed here to do work higher power work and everybody is just a vessel in different ways. If I’m here as a vessel and I have a short period of time on this Earth, then what am I doing? How am I letting the universe or the world use me to add value to it? So, if I’m living in my purpose and adding value and I’m happy, that’s success. I feel like we spend so much time in our careers and not be your best. I’ve always wanted a career that I was happy because I was adding value to people’s lives - making a change, difference and impact. I have always wanted to be a help, being part of the movers and shakers that were making a difference, leaving an impact and making things better. | 64