MADE Legends Edition - Page 61

MADE XXXX DIMA ELISSA CEO & Founder at VisMed3D 1. TIME KILLS ALL DEALS – AND OPPORTUNITIES – Execute, execute, execute. The learning from trying different things is what informs you, quickly. The art of iteration and pivoting is what gives you the advantage in conquering your market opportunities. 2. YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH - YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE – Build a network of trusted friends and colleagues to help you in areas that compliment your skills. You can’t know everything or everyone, so get out there, network, meet people build a cadre of expertise across every area of business, marketing, finance, promotion, operations, funding, etc. 3. ORGANIZE INTRO MEETINGS INTELLIGENTLY – So everybody wants to get 5 Minutes with you. We all get request to meet people, from prospective vendors to colleagues and investors. BE SMART ABOUT YOUR TIME --- Find a regular weekly slot that is able to bring in those folks for an initial meeting, if possible in a more social cadence so you can evaluate whether more of your time is necessary. I use happy hour every Friday to invite people all at once, so I’m vetting them for further interest. This protect my most valuable resource. TIME. | 61