MADE Legends Edition - Page 59

MADE INC. FOUNDERS AT Go Dutch Today Alexandria Willis, Olamide Bamidele, Alysia Sargent 1. BE FLEXIBLE. In the early stages of business your mind and body should be nimble. Obstacles as well as opportunities will present themselves, despite having a plan, and you will need to adjust or pivot in order to do what’s best for your business. Being flexible is also an attitude so it is best to respond to unexpected change with poise and control. 2. BE RESOURCEFUL. You don’t need to have a ton of money to start your business, validate or market it. There are numerous ways to execute on your business by being resourceful, do your research, understand your market, target and competition and don’t be afraid to speak up and tap into your networks to help you achieve your goals. 3. BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER. You are not going to win every deal, competition, or potential user/ customer and people will not always believe in your business, but do not let that discourage you. Celebrate your own successes, losses and milestones throughout your journey. By maintaining a positive outlook, stay focused and your business will continue to grow and attract supporters. | 59