MADE Legends Edition - Page 58

MADE INC. 1.ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW STRONGER. Journey outside of your comfort zone in exploring new geographical areas, building new relationships, and learning new skills. Feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable is one of the greatest ways to learn and empathize. 2.PRESS PLAY. PAUSE. PRESS PLAY AGAIN. Know when to scale fast, slow down and sometimes pause. We must gauge our momentum as we are growing an organization and always be willing to receive feedback to ensure that the product or programs we are growing are resonating with the community and making an impact. 3.IT’S ALL ABOUT US. Change your use of pronouns from “I” to “We” and from “My” to “Our”. It’s a simple change, but one that demonstrates that it is a team effort and not just all about one person. ALICIA GONZALEZ Founding Executive Director at Chicago Run | 58