MADE Legends Edition - Page 56

MADE MADEXXXX INC. TIP ONE: My parents told me to do what was best for my son, not what was comfortable for me. 9:30 AM- 2 PM: At CNN work trailer to prep for the show. TIP TWO: As another fellow “tv mommy” as I call it told me, “Life is a juggling act. Some of the balls you juggle are glass and must always be kept in 2:45PM: A big name guests cancels, “I have to find a replacement ASAP.” the air. GOD, family, and career. Some balls are life and vacations...These balls can fall and bounce back.” 3 PM: At the makeup tent near the set to make sure all guests have arrived while frantically texting and emailing. “We are less than an hour before showtime, and I still need a big name guest.” TIP THREE: From Grandma Pearl, “Hold your peace and let the Lord fight your battles.” Fast forward to this fall; Scarlette has been at CNN for a few months. We recently caught up with her while she headed out of town for the first presidential debate in New York. 3:45 PM: A top campaign adviser comes through at the last minute. “I flagged her down after she did an interview with another news network.” 4 PM: Showtime! 3 AM: Scarlette is glued to her work phone. “I’m following up with both campaigns to see which advisers can join Jake for our show”. 5 PM: On to planning the next day. “My work does not stop when the show is over. There’s always tomorrow.” 3:30 AM: Organizing her son’s clothes and toys for the day. “This kid’s toys have taken over my house. He is obsessed with Paw Patrol”. 6 PM: Dinner and video call with her husband and son. 6:30 PM: Back to work! 3:45 AM: Tiptoes in her son’s nursery, and eases him out of his crib. Walks slowly to her bedroom to put him next to her husband. 9 PM: DEBATE time. “What happens tonight will shape our guest pursuits for tomorrow’s show.” 4:15 AM: Arrives at Reagan National Airport 11 PM: In the spin room post-debate 5:59 AM: “One last look at emails before I turn off my phone.” TAKE OFF. 12 AM: Heading to hotel 8: AM: Flight back to DC 7:30 AM: Lands and heads straight to the show set at Hofstra. “Our show is not on until 4 PM, but I want to get the lay of the land.” 10: AM: Back to work, “I am not going to see my family until this evening. That’s the nature of the beast during this campaign season.” Some of the balls you juggle are glass and must always be kept in the air. GOD, family, and career. | 56