MADE Legends Edition - Page 55

D I A R Y O F A # M O M M Y MOGUL MADE By Kris D. Williams B eing a wife, mommy and TV producer during an election year gives “multitasking” a whole new meaning for Scarlette Whyte. Scarlette is a seasoned producer who recently left MSNBC to join CNN’s The Lead w/ Jake Tapper as a senior editorial producer. From keeping up with the 2016 candidates to running behind an energetic one year old AND attempting to keep date nights with her husband, Scarlette seems to have achieved the work/life balance. But she admits, it is a daily struggle. Scarlette experienced the harsh realities of being a working mom in television within the first few weeks of returning to work after maternity leave earlier this year. “I was working at MSNBC at the time. Primary season was in full swing. That meant working late nights. I knew that daycare was not an option. I needed a nanny! We were not happy with any of the nannies we interviewed .” With no other choice, Scarlette sent her then 4-month-old son to Michigan to stay with her parents. “I was devastated. My son leaving was hard, but not knowing when he was coming home tore me apart. I was breastfeeding at the time. So I was pumping, and overnighting breastmilk every 5 days.” It was the advice of her parents, grandma and another mom who was a fellow TV producer that got Scarlette through. | 55