MADE Legends Edition - Page 54

MADE MADEXXXX INC. “WHEN YOU REALLY WANT SOMETHING, THE UNIVERSE ALWAYS CONSPIRES IN YOUR FAVOUR.” This powerful phrase, along with countless others just like it is riddled throughout The Alchemist. The 28-year-old book’s undeniable appeal has transcended generations, managing to remain relevant enough to not only be quoted by those who bought the book more than two decades ago, but those readers’ children as well. Just take a look at the lines from the book turned into inspirational memes. Coincidence? I think not. SO, WHY SHOULD YOU READ THE ALCHEMIST? It’s easy to see why it’s a mainstay on bookshelves. A quick read, the 163 page book tells the story of Santiago, a Spanish boy who works as a sheep herder and has a dream that he will find treasure and great fortune in the Egyptian pyramids. An elder who called himself the King of Salem tells the boy that he knows his Personal Legend – his calling in life – but most times an unseen but clearly heard force tells people that the legend won’t happen and they give up. But the old man stresses to the boy that, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The book follows Santiago during his journey to the treasure and depicts his obstacles that he somehow manages to overcome along the way. After much trepidation, he takes his search to the desert, where he meets The Alchemist, who may be able to help him find his treasure. Just when he’s near the treasure, the boy faces one of the most important challenges of his life. As you can imagine, the book is just one huge pile of symbolism waiting to be applied to our everyday struggles. Sounds corny, but the likes of Oprah, Julia Roberts and countless other wildly successful figures have been singing the book’s praises for years. WILL YOU LIKE IT? It’s hard to say. If you’re a sucker for inspirational memes and Oprah show re-runs, this book will be dog eared just a few pages in. If you’re more of the cynical type, the story will probably be less applicable to your life and the thinly veiled motivational plot tropes will be more obvious than epiphanic. However, it’s clear that the story is one that can easily be appreciated, especially for millennials going through the dreaded quarter life crisis and need a bit of reassurance that everything really is going to ok 54