MADE Legends Edition - Page 52

MADE FEATURES it. Again, it’ about how God works things. I One of the agents at CAA went to college with Issa at Stanford. My agent reached out to her and said, “Hey, can you introduce Prentice to Issa?”. And my agent was like, “Why don’t you write her a letter just to say why you think you’re good for it?” and I was like, “That’s a great idea.” I read the script and thought it was amazing. And I wrote her this letter about why I thought I would be good for it. And obviously I was like, we don’t get shows like this everyday and I was like “I don’t want this to get f’d up”...this is too important. And so, I was like “I don’t know if I’ll be great, but I don’t want to mess this up.” I met Issa at a book signing and she was like “I read your letter”...and we just sat and talked maybe a half hour after the book signing was done and we just hit off. ing relationship. So far, so good. MADE: Any other insights you can give us about Insecure? PP: Hmm, I don’t want to give anything away. I would say all of our talent is... we wanted to use a lot of new talent. Our talent is amazing. I think Jay Ellis is one a lot of people will notice from The Game. I think Jay is our biggest name. Yvonne Orji who plays Molly is going to be a huge star. Obviously Issa...Lisa Joy, who plays Issa’s co-worker Frida. There’s also another actor Alon Noel who was in The Hustle who plays Daniel in the pilot. We have Amanda Seals who’s in the show. It’s a show that is obviously well timed for right now and I think it’s important. I hope that people will appreciate it in that way. MADE: Wow. Was that awkward? PP: It was never weird with us, it was never awkward, we just hit it off really quick and then pretty much from that point. I met with her management company, the producers, met with HBO and say by that Friday night I got the job. I think one thing is that at the end of the day it is her face on the poster, it’s her show. She sold this show, HBO bought her voice. I’m very protective that never gets altered. If it was reversed, I would never want somebody as a showrunner to come in and try to get their shine off me. So there’s no agenda on my side, her side, Lena’s side. We all kind of work together to make the show. We’re all respectful and supportive of the role we bring as a collective to move the show. But there’s no mistake that I always want to be helpful and give her voice to be clear in the show that’s first and foremost. MADE: How do you stay true to keeping her voice in t hings? PP: So from that standpoint, it becomes “Why this is the best way to do that” and she may think this is the best way to do that. We will dialogue about something. It all starts on a mutual respect. Everything from there is how you treat each other and go from there. So I think that’s always important with any work- When there’s nobody telling you that you’re amazing, when there’s nobody saying you’re great, when there’s nobody validating the choices you’re making, you have to validate those choices.” | 52