MADE Legends Edition - Page 49

MADE MADE FEATURES XXXX that God was working me towards being organized, professional and enabling me to be more prepared. I started to get up around 8 o’clock, start writing and treat it like a job even though I wasn’t getting paid for it. I treated my time that way. I think you have to step outside of your comfort zone. While you’re waiting, we think “Oh, I’m gonna just sit here and wait while this thing will eventually come to me.” That’s not how things always work out. MADE: What do you think contributes to that lack of movement on their dreams? It’s scary when you realize the effort that it takes and you have to really commit to it. One thing I believe every writer has had is being scared to be great in a lot of ways. I would sort of write and then share with people who would tell me the things that I wanted to hear. It wasn’t making me better and it wasn’t pushing me forward. I was kind of staying in neutral because I wasn’t doing things that were challenging me - I was kinda doing like “just enough”. MADE: It sounds like stepping outside your comfort zone was a key ingredient in your cure for how to move forward. PP: I think you clearly have to step outside of comfort zones. I think perseverance get