MADE Legends Edition - Page 46

MADE INC VISION OF G R E AT N E S S : HOW TO PICTURE YOUR FUTURE MADE By Jasmine Browley If you think vision boards are useless, you’re mistaken. Vision boards, based on the law of attraction and the act of visualization, open powerful new pathways of thought and help in the manifestation of goals. Researchers at the National Library of Medicine found that mental practices are almost effective as true physical practice, and that doing both is more effective than either alone. Th bB2f&b( VF&VV'6( "&W&rW"֖Bf FRv&FN( 2V6W76'F6WfRW 7&F2ࠤ5$TDpd4$$@"tDU"4PtU4PtU06RVRW6RFRvV"f"vW2GW&rFFW&W7B2FW&FfRF6&F&&BWB'WB7BfBB&RVffV7FfRFvF&VvvW2266ǒFV6rFRvW26G&vvW"6W'F6V6&W2rFR&6W70&RgVfƖr7WBWBFRvW2BFV"6VVBࠥvB6f6&&BFf"SrFW"Fw2W"f6&&B6WfR'FBVF2VVFVBFgVfFff7VBF62B&VGW"7V&666W0f"6vR6vGvV( 2&Ɩ氦WFƖW2r&VFrƗ7G2bv&G2FW6vV@F'&rf'F6W'FfVVƖr7V60vw&W76"6W&F6FVVB'&pWBFBVFvFWBW"666W0v&VW72WfVbvRrv^( &R&VpVFVBFN( 2R&V6FBFPW6vRbv&G2FR&&G2&R'F@BvB6VB&RWBBvW&RB6&PV6ǒ6VVࠤ5$TDrd4$$@4DTPR'F7V"6WBbv2BPW"&&Bf7W2FVvWFW"FBV0FFƖrB( גWr&G( "( 6&VW"#r( &VpFVF&WBvBRvBW"&&@W2BV6W"FFWFW&֖RFR6Rf"W 7&F2ࠦFRvR6C`