MADE Legends Edition - Page 45

MADE FEATURES CK: Everybody’s path is different. Mine happened because God came for me. I got a phone call out of the blue. I had an agent CK: We do a season pitch at the beginning of when I came out here and so it’s hard because the season. We actually have broken the larger the easiest way that I know to get into the strokes of the season in advance - in May we system is to get an entry level job in a writer’s do that. So, it’s not like each episode is sparked office. That’s how you meet writers, that’s how by new ideas. We have a theme (and we’re you know writers and that’s how you get the working very hard towards those themes). script coordinator boards. Everybody knows That’s very systematic. what jobs are coming up. It’s really about that. for yourself to spark new ideas for the next episode? MADE: How would someone get through the door with you? What would they need? CK: They need to get a job as my writer’s personal assistant or as my assistant or a writer’s assistant or as a script coordinator. I promote from within usually. I don’t hire anyone who’s not an aspiring writer. I only hire aspiring writers. I don’t hire people who don’t write. So, even if you’re the person getting coffee at my show, it’s because you’re a writer and I’ve read your script and I like your script because I believe you can make it on the show. Scripts come in, but I don’t read full scripts because that could be dangerous. I go PHOTO CREDIT: through agencies - you © 2016 Starz Entertainment, LLC have to get an agent. There’s no substitute for working on a show and seeing how a show works. I think those people who want to skip the lines, those people who want to get their show on the air right now (today), they’ll get their punishment. Which it’ll work and then they’ll be out on the streets. They won’t know how to run it. And that would be very sad. When you have no television staffing experience, you have nowhere to go. MADE: Do you feel like the traditional path is the appropriate time to prepare for the industry? MADE: Sounds like you’re encouraging people to be in the middle of where the action is happening. Say, Los Angeles? CK: The number one thing that you have to do is move to Los Angeles. If you’re not in Los Angeles, there’s no point. If you really want this job, you gotta move. If you really want this job, you gotta be broke. If you still have a day job (right now) that’s paying a good wage, it may mean that for one more year you save your money to come out here in case you don’t have a job for like six months when you arrive. I know as a television scripted writer, you have to live here. There is no choice, you have to live here. You could get to a place in your career where you could move to New York, but you can’t get on outside of LA. A lot of shows are being shot in Atlanta right now - they’re not being written there. Pack your bags, get out here. Start getting coffee. | 45