MADE Legends Edition - Page 39

MADE MADEXXXX INC. to the next level.” For Jake and those like him,, a new wave of networking events with a mission to combat the awkwardness of networking is rolling in. Held as a series of “Entrepreneur Nights”, the purpose of igniting ideas, IGNITE is helping spark meaningful networking experiences for entrepreneurs in an authentic and digital way using the likes of the Konveau app and more. By identifying Investors, Visionaries, Builders and Connectors by color-coded LED pins they’ll wear, attendees will connect with others who have complementary business goals. The introductory Entrepreneur Night was held recently in Chicago started with app demos of from nationwide tech founders and treated fans with experiences sponsored by Gentleman Jack, which included virtual reality booths to tour the distillery for the iconic alcohol brand. Kris Williams, Publisher of MADE Magazine and Managing Director of FAME Enterprises decided to activate the “IGNITE” series as a solution to not being able to connect directly with 225 million event attendees suffer from Networking Naked. Networking Naked is networking the way it is right now. It’s awkward, stressful, and inefficient.” - JASON JOHNSON, KONVEAU APP FOUNDER other full-time, creative entrepreneurs in a low pressure atmosphere. “Networking for me has always been something that I’ve had to mentally prepare for,” Williams admitted. My concern was that I wasn’t making the right connections, so the IGNITE series was made to address this and other networking pain points by creating the environment I know entrepreneurs were looking for. Because I was looking for it!” Although the event is a step towards combating networking-rejection, what about dating awkwardness? Asking someone out on a date could be comparable to asking a potential client out for coffee, right? The conversation can go one of two ways as Chathum Tate, Founder of Go Dutch Today, explained. “On one hand, you can gain a rewarding, mutually beneficial relationship or it can be a complete energy killer and waste of time.” | 39