MADE Legends Edition - Page 34

MADE MADE FEATURES XXXX being the case, I think that you have to take advantage of that and say something important. MADE: Do you feel like you’ve made it, and if so, at what point was that? And if not, what does that look like for you? MADE: How do you push yourself as a producer after you’ve reached so much monumental success? How do you continue to reach new heights? What’s left? WP: I’m a very driven person, so I am able to sit back and take comfort and find real personal joy in my success and the level of success that I have attained. But to me, the implication of making it means that there’s nothing else to attain. So I would say, no, I haven’t made it, because I have so much more that I want to do. I don’t know when that will be that I will have “made” it. Because what drives me and what’s gotten me to the point that I’m at is the mentality that I can always do better. I think I’ll always have that mentality. So while I am comfortable in why I am ecstatic about what I have been able to accomplish and I am very thankful about it, I don’t think I will ever be somebody that just sits back and says, “Well you know what, I made it.” I think I will always be somebody that says, “I can do more.” Now, there will come a time when I’ll transition perhaps into a second a phase of my life, my career and maybe look into something different or do things differently, but I will always be somebody that feels like what else could I be doing or what could I be doing better - even as I enjoy my life and my situations. WP: [Chuckles] You don’t stop, that’s how you do it. Don’t stop. You don’t get complacent, you don’t allow yourself to rest on your laurels and get too caught up in what you’ve done. Take a moment to enjoy the view of how high you’ve climbed and then set your sights on a higher preference that you want to attack or want to get to. A higher goal that you want to attain. And you keep getting better. Continue to progress. MADE: Do you think that is what it takes to be legendary in the industry? WP: No question. Legendary people don’t allow themselves to be satisfied by just accomplishing one thing or ten things or a hundred things. Legendary people don’t sit back and say, “Wow, let me pat myself on the back and allow others to pat me on the back.” Legendary people are too busy moving forward on to the next thing to even get the pat on the back. Legendary people are continuously pushing and striving and grinding to get to that next level. PHOTO CREDITS: Drexina Nelson for Drexina Nelson Photography Hair: Reginald Doss Grooming: Denise Tunnell Styling: Leah Taylor for Taylor-Ector Studios Producer: Staci R. Collins Jackson for The Collins Jackson Agency 34