MADE Legends Edition - Page 12

MADEXXXX LIFE MADE WA R R E N B U R K E Actor 09. H ailing from Chicago, the actor pursued his niche for comedy all the way to LA. Warren Burke has stayed persistent in his hustle being a part of various TV series. Recently Burke was casted on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for some hilarious skits including the Oscars after party scene as well as a scenario between Jason Sudeikis, Lionel Richie, and Elton John. Burke hit the ground running once receiving training at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. His experience spans across all genres of entertainment media such as writing, voiceovers, and dance. He’s recently appeared on commercials for McDonalds and has worked with BuzzFeed and Blavity. Being a creative millennial, Burke has set himself apart by layering his talents. We can’t wait to see what projects he has coming next! PHOTO CREDIT: Warren Burke AS H L E Y B L A I N E F E AT H E R S O N A 10. Actress nyone who watched the hit web show, Hello Cupid, fell in love with Whitney, and understands our dying love for rising actress, Ashley Blaine Featherson. Another Howard University graduate and Maryland native, ABF is making her way in Hollywood creating thought-provoking content many times geared toward evolving the African American culture. Currently Ashley is shooting Season One of the film- turned television series, Dear White People on Netflix set to debut in the Spring of 2017. PHOTO CREDIT: | 12