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MADE LIFE T E SSA T H O M P S O N T 07. Actress essa Thompson, another Los Angeles native, has been making headlines from her tremendous style to her roles in the last two years alone in films such as Creed, Selma, and Dear White People. BuzzFeed News Associate Features Editor, Anita Badejo, stated in a recent interview “At a time when Hollywood is finally developing the kinds of projects for actors of color that had traditionally been out of reach, Tessa Thompson’s ascent to the A-list isn’t just welcome — it’s necessary.” When referencing the evolution of representation of black people in film, Thompson makes an interesting example due to the fact that she initially had to force her hand in being a part of gender and race specific roles. Whereas now she is being casted in once traditionally white genres. Marvel announced this September that Thompson will play Valkyrie, a Norse warrior goddess, in Thor: Ragnarok. PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images. 08. C H A DW I C K B O S E M A N Producer/ Actor T PHOTO CREDIT: Google Images. he Howard alum has created a rumble amongst his peers in the acting world. Chadwick Boseman performs like a seasoned vet in highly appointed roles with the mission on pursuing the stories that go untold. Boseman also has a few playwright credits under his belt. Never admitting to being a celebrity, the actor exudes his humility when skimping on his accolades that include nominations for Breakthrough Performance of of the Year. The actor and producer is widely known for his roles in Captain America: Civil War, 42, and Get on Up. The Santa Barbara Independent conducted an interview with Boseman and asked if he was worried about getting slighted b ѡ䁅!AQ͡Ёݕȁ́ѡЁéи)Qȁɔɥ́ݕȁ́ѡ+q]Ё́ݸѼа'eɅѡȁٔѥɔѡt ͕݅)ѕѡ5ٕɽ́ AѡȁЁ啅ȁ́ЁЁմє)͹Չȁɕ٥́ݽɬЁѡ́ɅєݔɕЁ=͍ȁѥͽ()饹((0