MAASU Newsletter - Page 6

MEMBERS OF THE MONTH Similar to the Member School Spotlight, MAASU would love to share individual members who exemplify strong leadership and passion for the APIA and their own communities. If you’re interested in being featured, email LORENZO AGUAS Who is your biggest role model? I would have to say my biggest role model is my big brother Kevin Eulalia. Although he is not my biological brother, he has taught me so much and cares for me as How are you involved in your though we are blood related. He’s someone I can definitely look up APIA org/community? I hold the position of Treasurer to and learn from (besides his for the upcoming year. My prima- weird crazy side). ry duties are budgeting and handling money, as well as helping Do you have a short, funny story the other executive officers make you’d like to share? sure the Asian American Associa- The Philippines is an island with tropical weather: thus we have tion (AAA) runs smoothly. giant cockroaches everywhere. When I was a kid visiting the PhilDo you have any pet peeves? When kids stare at you for ex- ippines I was using the bathroom tended lengths of time while be- and spotted a cockroach. I guess ing held by their parents. It’s cute it was the first time I saw one of at first but after a while it gets these giant cockroaches because awkward and I don’t know what I burst out of the room with my to do besides stand there and look pants down yelling “monster!”. away. Also people who don’t use their turn signals when driving. Who are you? My name is Lorenzo Aguas, I’m a junior graduating in 2018 as an accounting major, and I go to the University of Missouri (Mizzou!) KELILAH LIU Who are you? My name is Kelilah Liu and I am graduating from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2018, with degrees in Psychology & Biology. How are you involved in your APIA org/community? I am the Advocacy Chair for my the Mizzou AAA. I follow APIA issues such as cultural appropriation, stereotyping, and racism and organize/run the general body meetings discussing these issues. I also find ways to increase APIA awareness around campus. What are your top three bucket list items? 1. Bring widespread medical and educational opportunities to those who cannot afford it 2. Become a voice for mental health advocacy nationally, and eventually globally 3. Launch a startup idea in industrial design What’s your favorite part about the Asian American Association? My favorite part of AAA is being able to have open discussions on hot topic issues in general body meetings. This was partially the reason for my decision to become the advocacy chair, as I feel like listening to different opinions on topics that affect us in our daily lives gives us an opportunity to learn more about our culture and ourselves. Is there a certain topic you’re passionate about? Affirmative Action in US universities – especially after the Project on Fair Representation launched a lawsuit against several high profile universities and recruited Asians in a campaign against Affirmative Action. Culture’s effects on mental health – given that many Asian children are told to suppress their inner feelings and Asian countries having some of the highest suicide What kind of ice cream flavor rates in the world would you be and why? If I were an ice cream flavor, I If you had to live in one country would be mint chocolate chip. A for the rest of your life, where? somewhat cool demeanor, but can If I had to live somewhere other also have a hard edge. than the United States, I would probably live in London, England. Do you cook? What’s the best dish I admire the city for its rich histoyou can make? ry and mix between historical and Yes, my best dish is probably dev