NEWS SEPTEMBER 2018 MAA Announces Fall Programs The MAA board of directors has been hard at work identifying trends, topics and training that will benefit the membership through the coming educa- tional season. Here’s a sneak peek at what you can look forward to beginning with September’s season opener: September 25, 2018 Dinner Meeting Great Trees & Shrubs: Adding Diversity & Beauty to the Landscape As tree care professionals, we are frequently tasked with finding the right tree or shrub for a specific location. Whether as a replacement planting or to enhance diversity of design, it’s important to have a varied list of trees from which to draw. Horticultural guru, Joann Vieira will help you build that list! You’ll take away great ideas including new introductions and specific recom- mendations that will add diversity and beauty to your clients’ landscape — including trees and shrubs that thrive in the face of challenges like climate change, drought, pests and diseases. Our speaker, Joann Vieira, honed her horticultural knowledge at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA, working her way up through the ranks to Director of Horticulture for the past 15 years. She recently moved on from Tower Hill to expand and share her horticultural expertise with industry professionals through a new consulting practice. An award winning horticulturist, Joann is the recipient of the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Profes- sionals' prestigious Beacon Award, as well as the Massachusetts Horticultural Society Thomas Roland Medal and Silver Medalist Award. She is past presi- dent of the Horticultural Club of Boston and past board member of the Eco- logical Landscape Alliance. She served on the Awards Committee of the American Public Garden Association, and directed the Worcester County Horticultural Society's Cary Award for outstanding woody plants. LOOKING AHEAD… October 30, 2018 Safety Saves & Dinner Meeting In October, both Safety Saves and our Dinner Meeting will focus on the all- important topic of safety. The afternoon Safety Saves program will address the importance of a setting up a safe job site including the latest trends in safety equipment, as well as ground to climber communication. That evening at the dinner meeting, Peter Gerstenberger, TCIA’s Senior Advisor for Safety, Stan- dards & Compliance, will join us for a discussion about Job Briefing best management practices as a critical step in fostering a culture of safety. November 27, 2018 Annual Meeting Mark your calendar now for the MAA’s Annual Meeting. The board of directors recently announced that this important membership meeting will move from February back to Novem- ber beginning this year. The schedule change means that members of the current board will serve through November 2019. The MAA is grateful to these dedicated volunteers for their willingness to continue to lead the association through the coming year. Nick Brazee, P h . D ., Plant Pathologist with UMass Extension, will bring us up to speed on the latest tree diseases and what to expect in the coming year. As 2018 comes to a close, this meeting is an excellent opportunity to catch up on the latest pathology research and earn pesticide credit. Recertification Credit All MAA events qualify for MCA recertification credit and (depending on the content) some also provide an opportunity to gain MCA Safety Credit. Wherever possible, the MAA works with other organizations (e.g. ISA, MDAR and TCIA) to obtain additional recertification credit. Each meet- ing notice will clearly state what programs quality for which CEU credit. It’s going to be a great year of education and train- ing for MAA members! Be sure to keep an eye on e-mail and your mailbox for sign up information. Every meeting has a registration deadline that helps us with our advance planning and saves you money. Check out the latest program information and register online for events at Where the best in the tree industry come together.