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Palmer and Tompkins Receive Prestigious ISA Award Rip Tompkins, MCA and Ken Palmer were recognized with the Alex L. Shigo Award for Excellence in Arboricultural Education at the ISA Annual International Conference and Trade Show on August 5, 2018 in Columbus, Ohio. This Award of Distinction recognizes the important role that education plays in enhancing the quality and professionalism of the arboriculture industry. Through their company, ArborMaster ® Training Inc., Palmer and Tompkins have trained thousands of arborists worldwide. With training modules covering all aspects of tree work, they have worked with commercial tree care companies, utility companies, municipalities, state DOTs, and various institutional organiza- tions and government entities. “When ArborMaster Training came along they changed the way that training was viewed in arboriculture,” says Paul Ries, ISA board president. “Ken and Rip brought professionalism, innova- tion, and hands-on practicality to arboricultural training and education, and their efforts have created an improved culture of safety in their students.” 22 years ago, ArborMaster Training began with their desire to take field workers away from work for a day or two and have them focus on learning in a hands-on environment. In subse- quent years, their offering has grown into many different training modules with a variety of subject matter and lengths of pro- grams. Their goal is to train tree care workers to be safer and more productive at work by introducing them to new techniques and technologies. “Our purpose has been to provide the very best education and training possible to effect change, connect modern technique and technology, and promote safety, skill, and productivity,” says Palmer. After so many years, some may wonder how this partnership has worked so well. “It is our shared belief in safety, skill and pro- ductivity, and a passion to help save and improve lives,” states Palmer. It is fitting that they are sharing this award named after an industry icon like Alex Shigo. “I’m very honored to receive this because it bears [Dr. Shigo’s] name,” adds Tompkins. “He was a huge presence in the industry and a good friend of mine. I’m glad to share this award with Ken.” Rip is a past president of the MAA. Both Rip and Ken have helped support the educational efforts of the MAA for many years. Congratulations! Congratulations Rip & Ken! Seen here at the ISA Awards Ceremony in Columbus, OH (l-r): Lauren Lanphear, Chair of ISA Awards Committee, Jim Ingram, MCA , Bartlett Tree Experts (award sponsor), Ken Palmer, Rip Tompkins, MCA and Paul Ries, ISA Board President. 8 MAA NEWS / September 2018