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M E M B E R S H I P M A T T E R S Commercial Members, Has Your Membership Category Changed? by Carrie Martin, MAA Membership Manager Commercial Members are the heart of MAA and represent the state’s leading tree care companies. When MAA reports on the size and scope of the industry for legislative advocacy, or when we respond to membership inquiries or recruit sponsors, we ref- erence the number of MAA member companies and the size of those companies. Note: If your company expands its workforce during the busiest seasons, we’d ask that you calculate at the average number of people your company employs across 12 months. (For example, 3 staff members for 4 months of the year and 10 staff members for 8 months of the year is an average of 7.6 employees across the year). In the coming weeks, your company will receive an email asking you to confirm your membership category. When you receive your membership email this fall, please be sure your company is in the correct dues category based on the number of people you employ. Companies experiencing growth and bumping up to a new level will be recognized with a special callout in an upcoming newsletter! The good news is that when you grow – MAA grows! Dues revenue supports MAA’s operations including educational events, publications, consumer awareness campaigns, and legislative advocacy efforts that are important to you. Are you in the right category? Commercial Members of MAA are divided into five categories based on company size. We measure company size by the average number of full time (or full time equivalent) employees across the calendar year. 0-5 full time employees. Commercial Active 1 Note: if you are a sole proprietor, this means you work alone and, therefore,have “zero” employees. Commercial Active 2 6-10 full time employees Commercial Active 3 11-15 full time employees Commercial Active 4 16-29 full time employees Commercial Active 5 Multiple branches or 30+ full time employees Carrie Martin is the MAA’s Membership Manager. She is happy to answer any questions and make suggestions as to how to get the most from your MAA membership. Reach Carrie via email at or phone (508) 653-3320. V I S TA A W A R D 2 0 1 9 Know someone you’d like to nominate for the VISTA Award? The VISTA award is the most important honor the association can bestow upon one of its members. It was created to recognize truly outstanding tree care professionals whose acts and deeds serve as a guide and challenge for all members of the industry. The award’s title is an acronym for Vision, Integrity, Service, Talent, and Action – the leadership qualities inherent in all award recipients. MAA members are encouraged to nominate colleagues for VISTA award consideration. Please write a letter to the MAA board of directors with the name of your nominee and include the reasons why you believe he/she should receive the award. Take the award’s purpose and title into consideration when crafting your nomination letter. Be specific, cite examples, include details and, if possible, ask for letters of support for your nomi- nee from other MAA members. The deadline for nominations is October 1, 2018. VISTA Award Recipients 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2016 2017 2018 Mark Tobin, MCA Ron Despres, MCA Matt Foti, MCA Dennis Ryan, MCA ( RET .) Will Maley, MCA M. Virginia Wood George Mellick, MCA Henry Davis III, MCA ( RET .) Cricket Vlass, MCA Carl A. Cathcart, MCA James Abusamra, MCA Ellis Allen, MCA Robert Childs Mike Lueders, MCA , MCLP Scott McPhee, MCA Ron Yaple, MCA Lenny Cleaves, MCA Bob Greymount, MCA MAA NEWS / September 2018 3