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P R E S I D E N T ’ S Massachusetts Arborists Association, Inc. Board of Directors 2018-2019 President Natascha Batchelor, MCA Davey Tree Expert Company East Falmouth, MA Vice President Trumbull Barrett, MCA Barrett Tree Service East Medford, MA Secretary/Treasurer Ray Rose, MCA Town of Wrentham DPW Wrentham, MA Past President Jay Ippolito, MCA , MCLP Olde Colonial Tree & Landscape Westwood, MA MCA Representative Max Ford-Diamond, MCA Boston Parks & Recreation Boston, MA Dear MAA Members, I hope we have all had time for work life balance this season. It’s important. Something that comes to the forefront of my mind is how much time I spend with my teammates, especially in the high season which has seen fit to extend itself to what looks to be the entire year. I like my teammates. I like my colleagues. I like my fellow arborists. I like my friends. All are part of my life balance. What’s yours? I look forward to seeing you all on September 25 at our dinner meeting. A lot is happen- ing this year with a great speaker line-up for Safety Saves seminars and dinner meetings, continuing our new MCA Overview course, and a signature event for Arbor Day of Service in 2019. We’re also moving our Annual Meeting back to late fall – November 27 to be exact. Thank you to our current board members for being willing to extend their commit- ment through to 2019 and for working so diligently with the management team to secure great programming for the year. Don’t be fooled by how smoothly things run, MAA’s man- agement team works tirelessly for us and we should all take time to thank them. As we think about our teammates both present and now absent, what can we do for each other? How can we come closer as a family and continue to pull each other up and along? Let’s work toward 'VFrW"v&f֖ƖW2''&vrf'v&B&R&&&7G2g&FPvVW&F2F6R6bRFW6RVrVRFFRfRb&&&7VЧGW&RvR6&Rf6B662FƲFwVF6R6V6V'2VvvRVRvF6rPW"&fW76vR&RVGV6FVBFfGV2vFw&VB7W7F&R6&VW'2BFB0vBvRW7BVFW67F6ǒ6&R&FW"F'&r&RVRFW"&&&7VGW&f֖ǒF&V7F'0V&Vǒ4FR&VǒG&VR6琥fRFRfƗ6FR26VV'&FrW"VF'2BVFW'2vfPVVB'&rW2FvW&RvR&RFFbFW&R26VR^( @ƖRF֖FRf"FRd5Dv&B6&RFBf&FvFW2vRvBFrvRvBF6VV'&FRशWf6WfVB4G&VRFV6f&&'W76V45E5'FWw&W@66&BR22rPVWV6FW"W"FVvG2B7F2v&6fRBvW@FrRFW"vR7VBBbFRFvWFW"BFP66W"vR&V6RFRV6W"B2F7VBBF66&F6V"4&W6FVBWV7WFfRF&V7F f&vvB4Uu22V&Ɩ6FbFR766W6WGG2&&&7G2766F2vVVBFVХVvw&V֖ष&7FVG&WW 6'&R'F6&766&W544U4UEE2$$$5E0544D2ࣂBV6B7G&VWB6WFF6scScS233#dScS2C f74&&"&p74&&"&p"Uu26WFV&W"#Uu22V&Ɨ6VBfW"FW2V"f"FR766W6WGG2&&&7G2766FB2F7G&'WFV@g&VRb6&vRFV&W'2FRW'6RbFRWw6WGFW"2FF76V֖FRf&FF&FRvVW&7FF&G2BWF726W&6&&&7VGW&R2vV2Ff7FW"&W6V&6B6&RvVFvRvFG0V&W'2FR2Bf"&fB6'&FFVF6FVBF6V6F2&WGvVVG2V&W'6@FRGW7G'FR&VƖWfW2FRf&FF2V&Ɩ6FF&R67W&FR2bG2V&Ɩ6FFFR@2B&W76&Rf"GfW'FVBW'&'2FRB766W6WGG26W'FfVB&&&7B4v2&RG&FRЦ&2bFR766W6WGG2&&&7G2766F2VƖfVBV&W'2B6W'FfVBV&W'2ǒ&PW&֗GFVBFWFƗRFRv2v2f"B4&Rf&RF&VvFRff6RTDD$&VFW'2&RV6W&vVBF7V&֗B'F6W2V6VVG2&WfWrb&GV7G2"WGFW'2V6R6VBFWw6WGFW"VFF"B"RFG&W72Ɨ7FVBBVgBEdU%D4pf"GfW'F6r&FW2Bf&F6F7BBf74&&"&r"BScS233#G2&R7V&֗GFVB2v&W6WFFbfW2F66VFVBGfW'F6r&FW2&Rf&RFV&W'2D44U FRfWw2B2W&W76VBF2Ww6WGFW"&RF6RbFRFfGVWF'2BFBV6W76&ǐ&VfV7BFRff6Ɩ7"6FbFR