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P R E S I D E N T ’ S Massachusetts Arborists Association, Inc. Board of Directors 2018 President Natascha Batchelor, MCA Davey Tree Expert Company East Falmouth, MA Vice President Trumbull Barrett, MCA Barrett Tree Service East Medford, MA Secretary/Treasurer Ray Rose, MCA Town of Wrentham DPW Wrentham, MA Past President Jay Ippolito, MCA , MCLP Olde Colonial Tree & Landscape Westwood, MA MCA Representative Max Ford-Diamond, MCA Boston Parks & Recreation Boston, MA Directors Neal Reilly, MCA The Reilly Tree Company Plainville, MA Kevin Cleveland, MCA Tree Tech Foxboro, MA Russell Holman, MCA , CTSP Hartney Greymont Concord, MA M E S S A G E Dear MAA Members, It has been my pleasure and honor to serve as President of the MAA for the past year. A year ago I urged you all to reach out to arborists who were not members of MAA in order to add quality members to our ranks. I would like to thank you for responding to that request. In the past year alone we have welcomed 80 new members (16 of which are new commercial members and 64 affiliated with member companies). That’s fantastic! We also had 28 people pass the MCA exam in the past year. You, the members, are most important when it comes to keeping the MAA alive and vibrant. We, as an organization, strive every year to improve the quality of the MAA. One of the highlights of this year is the work the MCA committee has done to design and implement our very first MCA Prep Course – which was held in March and we hope will be offered again throughout the year. The MCA committee never ceases to amaze me! They con- stantly strive to improve the MCA process in order to maintain the highest standards of professional arboriculture. Most of you know by now that the sun has set on New England GROWS. Though disap- pointing, we remain grateful for the educational and financial benefits that our association reaped over the years. We are as strong as we are today, in part, because of GROWS. I feel that its absence presents opportunity for the MAA to create new educational programs for our members. I am greatly looking forward to that. Now a few words of thanks: first to Virginia Wood and our management team, they put their heart and soul into helping the MAA board run and manage our organization. I would also like to thank the MAA board of directors for their support and friendship during my time on the board and as President. Most impor- tantly I want to thank you our members, the men and women of the Massachusetts Arborists Association. You are among the finest arborists in the country – and I dare say the world. You are eager to learn and apply your trade safely, which is evident from the attendance at our Dinner Meetings and Safety Saves program. You should be very proud of the special and dedicated people that you are. Jay Ippolito, MCA , MCLP President, MAA Thank you so much for supporting your organization and for participating in all that we do. God bless you all. Executive Director M. Virginia Wood, CMP MAA NEWS is a publication of the Massachusetts Arborists Association, Inc. Management Team Peggy Benjamin Kristen Dreyer Carrie Martin Charissa Sharkey MASSACHUSETTS ARBORISTS ASSOCIATION, INC. 8-D Pleasant Street South Natick, MA 01760 (508) 653-3320 FAX: (508) 653-4112 2 MAA NEWS / March 2018 MAA NEWS is published four times a year for the Massachusetts Arborists Association (MAA) and is distributed free of charge to members. The purpose of the newsletter is to disseminate information to promote general standards and ethics in commercial arboriculture, as well as to foster researc B6&RvVFvRvFG0V&W'2FR2Bf"&fB6'&FFVF6FVBF6V6F2&WGvVVG2V&W'6@FRGW7G'FR&VƖWfW2FRf&FF2V&Ɩ6FF&R67W&FR2bG2V&Ɩ6FFFR@2B&W76&Rf"GfW'FVBW'&'2FRB766W6WGG26W'FfVB&&&7B4v2&RG&FRЦ&2bFR766W6WGG2&&&7G2766F2VƖfVBV&W'2B6W'FfVBV&W'2ǒ&PW&֗GFVBFWFƗRFRv2v2f"B4&Rf&RF&VvFRff6RTDD$&VFW'2&RV6W&vVBF7V&֗B'F6W2V6VVG2&WfWrb&GV7G2"WGFW'2V6R6VBFWw6WGFW"VFF"B"RFG&W72Ɨ7FVBBVgBEdU%D4pf"GfW'F6r&FW2Bf&F6F7BBf74&&"&r"BScS233#G2&R7V&֗GFVB2v&W6WFFbfW2F66VFVBGfW'F6r&FW2&Rf&RFV&W'2D44U FRfWw2B2W&W76VBF2Ww6WGFW"&RF6RbFRFfGVWF'2BFBV6W76&ǐ&VfV7BFRff6Ɩ7"6FbFR