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LeBeaux and his team gave us plenty of opportunity to engage and help influence the outcome. Personally, I give the Commis- sioner a lot of credit for listening to stakeholder concerns and making this process feel a lot more inclusive than it had been prior to his time as the head of this Department. ➜ 01/22/330cmr31.pdf SYSTEM INTERRUPTION DEVICE REGULATION STAKEHOLDER MEETING Another issue that has been on the back burner for an extended period of time is now getting its due attention. The DEP held its first stakeholder meeting on February 1 to start the process of getting their arms and heads around a regulation requiring sys- tem interruption devices for all renovated and newly installed irrigation systems. As you may recall, we secured language in a comprehensive water infrastructure bill back in 2014 that directed them to undertake this task. The meeting included sev- eral stakeholders and featured a presentation by representatives What does it mean to be an MAA member? of the Irrigation Association of New England that provided a great overview of irrigation systems, various components and technology available, and how they can be used to better manage outdoor water usage. One issue that will require some work is the role that cities and towns will play collecting the required forms and how they might enforce the new rules. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 3 at the DEP office at 1 Winter Street, Boston, MA. We expect there will be a few more of these meetings before DEP develops a draft regulation, which will follow the regular process. The MAA is a proud member of the Green Industry Alliance along with the Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals, Massachusetts Association of Lawn Care Professionals, Irrigation Association of New England, and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of New England. Mike Lueders, MCA, MCLP serves as the MAA’s representative. If you are interested in becoming involved with the GIA legislative activities, please contact the MAA Office. Where the best in the tree industry come together. MAA Code of Ethics read the MAA Code of The Massachusetts Arborists Association was founded on the principle that competition between members is healthy, and does not necessarily preclude working together for the betterment of our association and industry. Ethics. The business To that end, we agree to the following: Please take a moment to practices and philosophies outlined here are an integral part of what it means to be a MAA member and a professional in our association and industry. C TO BE GENEROUS with our time and resources to further the objectives of the association. C TO ABIDE by all laws and regulations that govern our industry. To constructively oppose ordinances and legislation which unduly or improperly restrict our business. C TO PROVIDE a workplace which encourages professionalism, and personal betterment. C TO COMPETE with one another fairly. C TO OPERATE our businesses with safety as our foremost concern. C TO ACCEPT that we are viewed by the general public and the government collectively. To understand that with each new member we welcome, the better we control our common destiny. MAA NEWS / March 2018 17