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M C A U P D A T E Hello MCAs & MAA Members, We are looking forward to the next MCA Exam on Friday, April 6. I know that there are many people who have been studying this winter! If you are planning to take the exam and have not yet registered, we encourage you to do so soon. The spring exam tends to fill up fast. The MCA Committee worked hard this winter to design and launch our first MCA Overview course in March. Our goal was to provide an opportunity for exam candidates to come together to ask questions, share study tips and to become familiar with what to expect at the exam. We also provided some tips and strategies for successful tree identification. Preparing for the MCA exam can be overwhelming and, while we can’t guarantee anyone’s success on the exam, we hope that this new course helps boost confidence and a sense of preparedness coming into an exam. If you weren’t able to partici- pate in the March MCA Overview, stay tuned for additional opportunities this fall. I hope to see many of our MCAs out in force for April’s Arbor Day of Service. This is a great opportunity to put our professional skills on display in your community. I’m start- ing to think about where I will volunteer – and I hope you’ll be joining in too. Best wishes as we kick off the spring season, Max Ford-Diamond, MCA MCA Committee Chair 2018 MCA COMMITTEE Max Ford-Diamond, MCA Chair & MCA Representative Boston Parks & Recreation Steve Mahoney, MCA Vice Chair Independent Brandon Maltby, MCA Maltby & Company, Inc. Rachel Brinkman, MCA Arnold Arboretum Russell Holman, MCA Past Chair Hartney Greymont MCA DATES TUESDAY • MARCH 27, 2018 MAA Safety Saves Tree Worker Safety 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. • Elm Bank • Wellesley, MA ✭ Earn your annual safety credits! 20 MCA Is Your MCA Recertification Pending? TUESDAY • MARCH 27, 2018 2017 Recertification Sheets were due February 15. The Value of Trees & Vegetation in the Urban Landscape 17 Not sure if you still owe your tally sheet? Visit the MAA Member Directory at and filter by “MCA Status”. If you’re on the “pending list” we do not have your tally sheet. Tally sheets submitted after the February 15 deadline must be accompanied by a $50 late fee. Don’t lose this valuable credential due to a simple oversight! Contact the MAA Office if you are uncertain about fees owed or credits earned. MAA Dinner Meeting 5:00 p.m. • Ken’s Steak House • Framingham, MA ✭ Earn your annual education credits! FRIDAY • APRIL 6, 2018 MCA Exam 8:30 a.m. • Elm Bank • Wellesley, MA TUESDAY • APRIL 24, 2018 MAA Dinner Meeting Forest Health Update: What to Expect this Season 5:00 p.m. • Ken’s Steak House • Framingham, MA 2+2 MCA Credit Reminder MCAs are required to earn 2 safety credits and 2 education credits each year. One MAA Safety Saves Seminar and one MAA Dinner Meeting will satisfy these requirements. These events are great opportunities to connect with colleagues, have a great meal [X\[\ܙY]B+HX\[\[X[YX][ۈܙY]BQVH8(TS  N\܈^Hو\XB]]YBQTVH8(БT  NPH^[BKK8([H[8([\^KPBN\^[H\ۈHY\^KLPPHU X\ N