NEWS JUNE 2018 BOB GREYMONT RECEIVES VISTA AWARD Among the things that Bob taught: There is a place for everything and everything in its place. Neatness and order were his by words. If you ever visited the Hartney Greymont shop this was obvious with the famous outlined tool board. Driving down the road it was evident from the tools rack over the chippers. Quite an innovation. In the 1970s this system spared thousands of chain saws, and hand tools the horrible and expensive fate of being dumped in the chip pile. Bob Greymont, MCA ( RET .) celebrates receipt of the 2018 VISTA award with friends and family. On April 24, 2018 B OB G REYMONT , MCA ( R et. ) was presented with the associ- ation’s prestigious VISTA Award. The VISTA Award was established by the MAA in 2000 to recognize leaders in our industry. It is given to an individual whose actions serve as a guide and challenge to other members. The VISTA award recognizes truly outstanding tree care professionals. The award’s title – VISTA – is an acronym for Vision, Integrity, Service, Talent and Action – the leadership qualities inherent in all award recipients. It is the highest honor the MAA bestows upon a member. More than 150 members, family, old friends and colleagues gathered at the April meeting to support Bob as he received his VISTA award. Mark Tobin, MCA invited all past VISTA recipients to stand with him as he made the presenta- tion to Bob. The following is an excerpt from Mark’s remarks that evening: “Many words could be used to describe Bob Greymont; strong, smart, hard- working, strong, planner, teacher, generous, arborist, entrepreneur, honest, and strong. Are you getting the idea that in his heyday Bob was a force? For those who worked with Bob, his teaching certainly resonates over time. He preached: Efficiency. As an entrepreneur, Bob knew that in a service business labor costs are everything and that for every hour saved, dollars fell to the bottom line. Thus his passion for better equipment, a location close to the clients in order to save travel time and a focus on organization. Bob practiced: Planning. He championed the need to have a long-term plan in place for the company. This focus on the future helped lead the way to the creation of the Employee Stock Option Plan. Bob demonstrated: The need to take prudent risk. He purchased the more prominent Hartney Tree in 1976 to form Hartney Greymont. Bob invested in Plant Health Care Management in the mid 80s and bought a lawn care company even earlier. Bob practiced: Generosity. The more you give the more you get. Bob sent a crew to the very first MAA Arbor Day of Service in 1977 – one of just four companies. I don’t believe the company has ever missed one since. For those of you that remember Alex Shigo, there was a time in the 1970s when he first was involved in arboriculture that Shigo was interested (continued on page 3) Where the best in the tree industry come together.