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Take Advantage of Business-building Seminar at GROWS! At the September MAA dinner meeting, our speaker, “semi-retired arborist” Matt Foti, MCA shared his tips for success. One of the things he stressed was the importance of participating in educational programs that help you run your business better. Matt pointed to MAA and New England GROWS as great places to get the information you need to run a profitable operation. Here’s a great opportunity to do just that! Grunder @ GROWS THURSDAY • NOVEMBER 30, 2017 7:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Boston, Massachusetts President and CEO of one of the most successful landscaping companies in the Mid- west, Marty Grunder coaches green-industry professionals around the country about how to take their companies to new heights. He will lead you through presentations and in-depth discussion on the keys to winning at business: ● Attaining and retaining a results-driven team ● Performance improvement ● Operations, including scheduling, quality control, and equipment maintenance ● Leadership ● Marketing and communications ● Sales, from training to tracking ● Customer satisfaction As a working landscape pro, Marty shares the same struggles as everyone in today’s green industry: to sell, manage, motivate, and satisfy customers and employees. He’s been there and he’s doing that! Count on him to deliver proven strategies along with practical advice to help you grow your company and reach your fullest potential. Sign up now for this focused, fun, hard-working seminar – with everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to build your business. The Grunder @ GROWS workshop provides practical insights and powerful network- ing opportunities for landscape, tree, and nursery company owners and managers. Whether you’re new to the green industry, or a seasoned pro, Marty has the resources you need to drive your business forward and take the critical next steps to success. “Marty’s advice is as good as it gets! His laser-focused REGISTRATION By October 31, 2017 $299 per person (includes 3-day GROWS EXPO Pass) strategies are aimed directly After October 31, 2017 $359* per person (includes 3-day GROWS EXPO Pass) at improving the success of Registration is accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. The fee includes daylong business seminar, coffee, lunch, and expo admission. landscape and tree care *GROWS’ 3-day ALL ACCESS Pass is available for just $60 more per person. companies.” Doug McDuff, MCA , MCLP Owner • Landscape America, Inc. Wrentham, MA Attendance is limited to keep the focus on you, your questions, and the challenges you face. This event WILL SELL OUT, so if you want to join us sign up now at: MAA NEWS / GROWS Edition 2017 3