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M C A U P D A T E Hello MCAs and MAA Members, After a successful MCA exam on October 6th, I want to congratulate the ten new Massachusetts Certified Arborists who passed the exam. With winter fast approaching, cooler weather and longer nights mean it is the perfect time to dust off your study guide to start preparing for the next exam on April 6, 2018. Please encourage your colleagues and coworkers who are not already certified arborists to consider taking the exam. You can find additional opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge at New England GROWS on November 29 through December 1. Each year I look forward to seeing colleagues from other companies in the green industry at this event as well as attending seminars to help expand my own knowledge base. This year I am especially looking forward to Richard Cowles’ seminar on Cyclical, Emerging & Disappearing Pests in New England. See you at New England GROWS, Russell Holman, MCA , CTSP MCA Committee Chairperson 2017 MCA COMMITTEE Russell Holman, MCA Chairperson Hartney Greymont Max Ford-Diamond, MCA Vice Chair & MCA Representative Boston Parks & Recreation Steve Mahoney, MCA Independent Brandon Maltby, MCA Maltby & Company, Inc. Kevin Cleveland MCA Past Chair Tree Tech, Inc. Welcome New MCAs Is Your MCA Recertification Pending? Last call for 2016 Recertification Tally Sheets Any MCA who has not turned in the 2016 recertification tally sheet at the end of the calendar year will be revoked. Don’t lose this valuable credential due to a simple oversight! Not sure if you still owe your tally sheet? Visit the MAA Member Directory and filter by MCA Status. If you’re on the “pending list” we do not have your tally sheet and your MCA Designation is about to expire. Contact the MAA Office if you are uncertain about fees owed or credits earned. Safety Credits at New England GROWS in the Green Industry • John Ball  Hazards Wednesday, November 29 • 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m • BCEC Ballroom West  2 Safety Credits Update for Landscape & Arboriculture Industries • OSHA  Safety Friday, December 1 • 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon • BCEC Room 206  2 Safety Credits & Safety Arena • North American Training Solutions  Skills Wednesday, November 29 – Friday, December 1• Trade Show Floor See schedule on page 13.  1 Credit per session 18 MAA NEWS / GROWS Edition 2017 Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the Massachusetts Certified Arborist examination on October 6, 2017. George Barth, MCA • N Attleboro MA Hartney Greymont Matthew Cembrola, MCA • Grafton MA Buchanan Consulting Services, LLC Crysta Daniels, MCA • Newton MA Hartney Greymont James Doyle, MCA • Dorchester, MA Tufts University Jay Emmott, MCA • Millbury, MA R.W. Emmott, Arborist Daniel Hager, MCA • Lunenburg, MA Hartney Greymont Mitch Halon, MCA • Belchertown, MA ACRT Vincent Normand, MCA •Springfield, MA Norcross Wildlife Sanctuary Matthew Stobbart, MCA • Needham, MA Hartney Greymont Davis Wang, MCA • Easthampton, MA Hilltown Tree & Garden