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Summer Arbor Programs at UMass – Amherst by Brian Kane A Girls, Inc. Eureka! program participant experiences the thrill of climbing! Knot-tying was popular for the Eureka! program participants at UMass Amherst this summer. Once again this past July, UMass and the Stockbridge School successfully hosted two summer programs for pre-college students. In the pre-college Arboriculture program, seven high school students from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey met every day for a week, learning basic principles of arboriculture and plant health care. Half of each day was spent in the classroom and the other half was outside in the field. Students learned basic tree climbing and tree ID skills with instructors Brian Kane, Rick Harper, and Nick Brazee. Two students already had some training since they attended Essex Tech, but the others had no previous experience. This made for a nice mix of students, with the more experienced students help- ing those without any experience. Students really enjoyed the week! We were grateful to the Mass Tree Wardens, New Eng- land ISA, Southeast Tree Wardens, and West Crane Service for giving scholarships to four of the students. The s 6'60&Vǒ&7FVBV&VB6&VBF&WfW27VW'2FR6V6B7VW"&w&667FVBbGvGvֆW"G&ЦGV7F'v&62G&VR6Ɩ&rf"֖FFR66v&2FRWW&V&w&ffW&VBF&Vvv&22bǖR72F2v2FRF&BFRvRffW&VBF2&w&BN( 0667FVFǒrFRvW7B&FVBbbFRv&62F@Uu2f#pFRv&2FRFRWW&V&w&FRv&26RFT70f"RvVV2VǒBFR&WB#FffW&VBv&62WfVFVvFRv&2F( BrV6&WB&&&7VGW&RFWV6ǒFRFGrG2BV&r6R&626726Ц6WG2ƖRg&7FBF'VRFR6V6BFFWvWBF6Ɩ"G&VRVFW"FR7WW'f6b7G'V7F'2'&PB&&VBBvRvW&RvFgVFBƗF4&6&BW&gW'F4WrVvB4WrG&&RB66'FFVBvV"fWrV'2vFRB76&Rf"FRv&2F6Ɩ"v^( fR&v旦VBFW6R&w&2FG'F&V7'VBWrVPFFRw&VB6&VW"b&&&7VGW&RBFV6W&vRFVFW'7VRFFFVGV6FB7F6'&FvRBT726WfW&( w&GVFW>( bFR&R6VvR&w&fRV&VBFP7F6'&FvR&&&7VGW&R&w&vRR&RvǐWBV"&V7'VFrFRWB672bgWGW&R&&&7G22&W76&ƗGvR6&RvWFW"RFFRvV""FP6RFRF7VvF6wVF6R6V6V""B666( 2( 6&VW"F( W"Vff'G2vVV7W&RFBVpVBvV6VR&Vr&&&7B2w&VB6&VW"'&P766W6WGG2&&&7G2766F&fW76"b6W&6&&&7VGW&R( "VfW'6Gb766W6WGG2ֆW'7@